Prepositions after "tinker"

tinker with, around, on, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases tinker with is used
    A man tinkers with a small primus stove.
    tinkering with the bill is not appropriate.
    He is always outside, tinkering with something.
    If you tinker with the will of the Divine to suit your own comforts, you reject God.
    A lot of the other miscellaneous things that SI have tinkered with are welcome too.
    UK networks will have to get the Jelly Bean ROM themselves and tinker with it in the time that follows.
    Programming and tinkering with engineering stuff requires a certain cast of mind if it is to be done successfully.
    David, a member of our projects team, loves tinkering with thing, so he set about putting together a little tech demo.
    We could be tinkering with a lot of areas of the roster through the remainder of the offseason, camp and into the season.
    When he runs into bowl, somewhere in the back of his mind, he is vaguely aware that his vertebrae have been tinkered with.

    In 8% of cases tinker around is used
    The only ideas they have are to tinker around the edges whilst we head for catastophe.

    In 4% of cases tinker on is used
    When he's not writing or tinkering on the latest gadget, he enjoys.
    He's endlessly tinkering on speeches, he's sending email around the clock on topics we don't want to hear about.

    In 1% of cases tinker like is used
    During the day it was smoggy, but Jakarta is really pretty at night when the lights come on, as the city tinkers like fairylights.

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