Prepositions after "thwart"

thwart by, in, at, due or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases thwart by is used
    And for the second time, they were thwarted by some dogged batting.
    Comments (135) If your efforts were thwarted by others due to their work ethic then you too might lose it.
    Twice they have gone into the final day looking to force an outright win, and twice they have been thwarted by some dogged batting.
    The 8 years to fix it were thwarted by new laws and regulations put there by Nancy Palosi and Harry Reed (your heros?) despite any Republican risistance.
    His early ambitions to be a comedian were thwarted by war service and he served as a wireless operator in the Mobile Signals Unit of the RAF from 1941-49.
    It is a shame that his attempts to reach peak fitness have been continually thwarted by the Siberian style weather gripping Britain and Ireland this winter.
    Therefore, all the plans of the enemy - campaigns, operations, hoaxes, slander and lies of all kinds - have been thwarted by the great strength of the Party.
    In the course of that time, Luke and his partner had tried unsuccessfully to adopt a child, which he believes was thwarted by a judge who did not think gay couples should marry.
    In 1974 Richard Nixon, the US president, was ready to support the release on humanitarian grounds of prisoner number 7, but his efforts were thwarted by unwavering Soviet opposition.

    In 13% of cases thwart in is used
    Sodd's First Law: When a person attempts a task, he or she will be thwarted in that task by the unconscious intervention of some other presence (animate or inanimate).
    She and her husband clearly loved wach other and were thoughtful intelligent adults, so it was pitiful to see them thwarted in every way with little consideration to either of their feelings.

    In 6% of cases thwart at is used
    This nonchalance was soon thwarted at the sight of thousands of families huddled in Buenos Aires ' central bus station, Retiro.

    In 3% of cases thwart with is used
    There can not be two views on the fact that such attempts must be thwarted with the full power of a state that is intent on protecting its democratic foundations.

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