Prepositions after "thrive"

"thrive in" or "thrive on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 41% of cases thrive in is used
    Arvay has thrived in this combat zone.
    The plant seems to thrive in a dappled environment.
    The only things that thrive in them are infidelities.
    For instance, what kind of person would thrive in a specialisation like rural marketing.
    Then there are the wholly untapped markets that tend to thrive in a newly opening market.
    It has long been argued that human beings thrive in natural environments and in bonded social groups.
    On the back of the large domestic market, Pakistan's food businesses can eventually thrive in the international market.
    China, USA, Japan and many other countries are examples where creative arts are thriving in conjunction with industry.
    SALMONELLOSIS Salmonellae are bacteria that thrive in the intestinal tract of both warm blooded and cold blooded animals.
    The river is unrelenting and massive, home to various life forms that thrive in its intricate and organic superstructure.

    In 36% of cases thrive on is used
    HW classics thrived on this hope.
    They thrive on love and discipline.
    As humans, we thrive on connection.
    Most of us are social beings that thrive on feeling we are part of a societal network.
    Theoretically independent Texas would thrive on agriculture, tourism and oil production.
    Behind them is a cult of evil that seeks to harm the innocent and thrives on human suffering.
    The front four didn't generate a sack or a tackle for loss against Ball State, something they thrived on last season.
    Coe may once have thrived on the lonely training regime of an Olympic champion, but these days he is public property.
    She thrives on tracking down the unusual and her work has encompassed history, geology, heritage and a positive outlook on.
    Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in the gut -- they thrive on it which might be why you start to bloat and get gas anytime you eat sugar.

    In 3% of cases thrive as is used
    Edin Dzeko - Man City/Bosnia He may not enjoy his ' super-sub ' tag, but Dzeko certainly seems to thrive as an impact player.
    Most banks will go under and few survive to thrive as the globalists take total control (Totalitarianism is the only possible outcome).
    Galeries Lafayette The department store on Boulevard Haussmann still thrives as an outlet for many of the most famous French designer brands.
    The Developing City Exhibition will look at how the physical environment of the City - its buildings, public spaces and culture have helped it to thrive as a major business centre.

    In 3% of cases thrive with is used
    Doctors say it is the key to surviving and thriving with the potentially deadly disease.
    Actually, you could determine most of these elegant flowers thrive with at its best on containers like on flower boxes.
    He's had a fantastic parents evening report, he's thriving with the more challenging work being offered and the ASD-friendly teaching environment.
    The relatively small decrease of rain pH from CO? levels 20 times current would be effectively not noticeable, as life survives and thrives with worse.
    That being said, if you feel young enough to get trendy I believe you'll survive and thrive with one, yes, just one eyeshadow this nippy season, that has dual personality under its lid.

    In 2% of cases thrive at is used
    He thrive at hatred He will answer for his deed.
    I wonder if he would thrive at the GS with lots of like-minded nerdy boys though.

    In 2% of cases thrive under is used
    Spices such as ginger and turmeric also thrive under palms.
    But Alice thrives under pressure and almost always has a trick up his sleeve.
    Stewart is a pragmatic, results driven person who thrives under a 24/7 hard living/hard working lifestyle.

    In 1% of cases thrive from is used
    Just a short time ago, your game was thriving from your TLC and creativity.
    Research has shown that babies and infants thrive from the touch of a loving parent.

    In 1% of cases thrive without is used
    The job market is such that people can thrive without degrees.
    Singapore thrives without democracy, provided it helps the west.

    In 1% of cases thrive within is used
    Therefore, an important criterion in forming teams is to find members willing to work and thrive within the teamwork concept.
    It is very easy to feel inspired by a place like Forest Row, with farm shops and health food stores that thrive within the community.

    In 1% of cases thrive through is used
    It'll substantiate more potent in addition to thriving through a capsule day-to-day designed for 3 months.
    It is not just extremist Islam, Islam in all its forms does not value individual freedoms as it thrives through keeping its adherents ignorant.
    There are also evergreen perennials which will thrive through different seasons, providing color to the landscape even during the winter months.
    And the one thing that remains true is that organisations that innovate with IT will be the ones that come out of recession the strongest, and thrive through the recovery.

    In 1% of cases thrive over is used
    The presence, assistance, and advice of our colleagues have really helped our business to thrive over the past few years.

    In 1% of cases thrive after is used
    Germany thrived after the war because of MMP, the German work ethic and American money.
    Learning to manage this is one of the most important aspects of being able to thrive after surviving victimisation.

    In 1% of cases thrive for is used
    Cycling, like grand prix racing, existed and thrived for decades without remote communications.
    Your keywords are the foundations of your site and they will determine whether or not you will be able to build a site that thrives for a long period of time.

    In 1% of cases thrive during is used
    Archaeological evidence shows that both Maltese Islands thrived during Roman occupation.
    He has co-founded five different companies, in varied industries, and made them thrive during the best and worst of economic times.

    In 1% of cases thrive because is used
    This web site thrives because of its community.
    Marginalized sub-national regions and communities might thrive because of the activation of legal trade across the border.

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