Prepositions after "thirst"

thirst for, in, after, at or like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases thirst for is used
    It may sound corny but I actually thirst for your kisses.
    I just feel so free like I can tell her about all my adventures and thirst for even more.
    There's still that level of personal passion and thirst for films that was so precious in the beginning.
    They want to bring the opportunity of loving service to Krishna to all who thirst for full satisfaction.
    But upon learning that Ryan had knocked him out, O'Brien charges onto the diamond, thirsting for revenge.
    Yet Sanguinius has avian wings growing from his back and his troops each flesh and thirst for blood and they are okay.
    I went from Immortals to Nagas at a breakneck, un-put-downable pace, and was left thirsting for the final part of the trilogy.
    Of course most people do n't, but there has never been a time in human history where everyone was cultured and thirsted for knowledge.

    In 13% of cases thirst in is used
    The villagers reported the dead animal to the forest staff, who took their time to reach the spot and declared that the animal had probably died of dehydration and thirst in search of water.

    In 5% of cases thirst after is used
    We all dream, hope and thirst after freedom and we savor every inch of freedom we are given.

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