Prepositions after "thank"

"thank for" or "thank to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases thank for is used
    Sonia, thanks for your insights.
    Great post, thanks for the tips.
    I thank for it by posting these Qs.
    Do the Indians celebrate thanksgiving? Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.
    It's our elders ' glorious tradition that we have to thank for those vices and anti-social behaviors.
    And if they go on to progress to the knockout stages, Mancini will have Hart to thank for a virtuoso.
    Good luck in Stockholm and I hope you'll go for Rio in four years time! so it is then? thanks for clearing that up.
    However, the factory worker, who contracted the virus from her former boyfriend, has her family to thank for her survival.
    While the people with disabilities thanked for the coming, workers at the camp insisted that I should see the camp's boss.
    Need more painkillers Thinking of everyone &; thanks for your congrats all Awww - so cute that his brothers are in love with him.

    In 16% of cases thank to is used
    And last but not least thanks to Mr.
    All this thanks to the APHIA II program.
    thank to Markus, he translated WassUp into German language.
    thank to Warmth Holding Pte Ltd for their generosity to sponsor me these: 1.
    The recession has hit middle-income and poor families hardest, while the wealthy can bare it thanks to their incomes.
    On this occasion I would also like to thank to the staff of the hospital AHEPA for their great support, hospitality and care.
    Lastly I should just say a quick word of thank to Oliver who joined us back on the 1st May 2011 and has been our most regular attendee.
    We would like to thank to Gail for her ongoing support and dedication also her many helpers and business houses of Grafton that contributed.
    I do not want to go to hell because of masturbating and fantasizing girls at the same time, but thanks to God, I'd relieved to the topic that is posted here.

    In 2% of cases thank by is used
    Dee Ryall is thanked by Hattie from the Next Step for opening the new service location.

    In 1% of cases thank because is used
    Therefore we understand we need the blog owner to thank because of that.

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