Prepositions after "tether"

tether to, for, in, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases tether to is used
    Boat tethered to tree in secluded part of broads.
    Unknown to Overacker the parachute was not tethered to his body.
    Leaving his horse tethered to the bush, the trooper set off on foot.
    Regulation must be tethered to human judgments about right and wrong, not mindless legal compliance.
    AWESOME! Ok, sorry it took so long guys but i finally got my phone tethered to my mac with NO extra, 3rd party software.

    In 14% of cases tether for is used
    Customers with non-unlimited plans can tether for free.
    Minimum standards for tethering Horses tethered for grazing must be fitted with a secure halter or collar.
    If you consider tethering for even an hour-long browsing session on your laptop, you'll need more than 100MB of data.
    Even though the ruling applies to the spectrum Verizon purchased for its 4G network, 3G smartphone owners can tether for free too.
    On one particularly hairy night, our hotel WiFi went down completely, and being able to tether for a few hours was hugely beneficial.

    In 10% of cases tether in is used
    The folks at ExtremeTech point out that AT &T; has already very quietly changed their plans to include tethering in the base price for new customers.

    In 6% of cases tether with is used
    Standard tether with a larkshead only.

    In 4% of cases tether by is used
    But for those who want to feel the exhilaration of not being tethered by a rope, a free flight is the way to go.
    The mattress can hold a weight of 900kg in the air and is tethered by cables to the walls to stop it floating away.

    In 4% of cases tether on is used
    We tethered on a few occasions, mostly to check email on a laptop and send a few attachments, and never noticed any major issues.

    In 2% of cases tether as is used
    However, there are some upsides: AT &T; (and soon, other carriers) now include tethering as part of their wireless plans ' base price.

    In 2% of cases tether like is used
    Though Ninja's aren't usually tethered like that.

    In 2% of cases tether through is used
    On the flipside, you can easily use Tep's device to surf on your laptop, while tethering through an iPhoneTrip SIM may or may not cause headaches depending on how heavily you abuse it.

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