Prepositions after "terminate"

"terminate by", "terminate at" or "terminate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 24% of cases terminate by is used
    Indefinite fasts terminated by temporary promises and permanent betrayals.
    The remaining 50% were assisting with the closure activities and would be terminated by 14th June, 2012.
    However, his oppressive rule was terminated by popular discontent and a military coup led by General Robert Gu.
    If such an error occurs, there is little that you can do and the program will be terminated by the Java runtime.
    If the power of attorney is irrevocable, it can not be revoked or terminated by the death or insanity of the customer.
    The lease for the US's Guantanamo Bay base can only be terminated by mutual agreement or if the US decides to abandon it.
    His contract had been terminated by his Dubai-based construction company after the project was hit by the economic crisis.
    That is, a reference is only recognized if it is properly terminated by a semicolon; otherwise it is treated as plain text.
    The Plaintiff started with the publication of the K2 magazine in 2010 and had issued around 14 publications by the time the BCA was terminated by the Defendant.

    In 18% of cases terminate in is used
    Each measured 75 feet by 25 feet; their south ends terminated in semicircular apses penetrated by three large round windows.
    A large boat, each end of which terminates in the head of a woman; lying along the bottom of the boat is the serpent HETCH-NAU, (see pp.
    In the event that the dues are outstanding for a period in excess of 60 days, the membership will be automatically terminated in writing.
    I desire that it should be no further spread in these United States, and I should not object if it should gradually terminate in the whole Union.
    When TG's mission terminated in 1981, Peter ' Sleazy ' Christopherson found brief pastures new in Psychic TV before arriving in another epoch-defining band.
    The trust created pursuant to the provisions of this section shall terminate in any event upon termination of the trust provided for in section two hundred sixty-six.
    Ra and the gods who formed his crew have left the boat in which they travelled until now, and have betaken themselves to one, each end of which terminates in the head of a serpent.

    In 15% of cases terminate at is used
    This terminates at Yangtai Mountain).
    All other Luas services will terminate at Connolly Station.
    The public shuttle bus service to Nairobi starts and terminates at this hotel.
    The ridge terminates at the gulf of Aqaba, where there is a beach large enough to hold the Israelites.
    Rail services that terminate at Pearse Street Station will leave you within a 10 minute walk of the IFSC.
    Finally it could than be turned eastwards to terminate at, and connect with, the Dublin to Belfast train line.
    The roughly 2,000 kilometres of pipeline starting from Kyaukpyu in Western Burma will terminate at Kunming in Yunnan province at a cost of $1.
    The Corporation wanted to build a new road from Park Road terminating at the easterly corner of the Corporation slaughter houses in South Place.
    If ' viable ' is the test for human life then surely every human being from infant to aged who requires medical intervention can be terminated at will.
    Second, the act of defending his daughter isn't a nicely defined and calibrated act or series of acts that can be switched off or terminated at will by an enraged man.

    In 8% of cases terminate for is used
    At least, it has not terminated for over 60 years.
    In other words, whatever the reason(s) JFK was terminated for, apparently EO 1110 was not the one.
    Jet Airways will write to such a member stating their membership is being terminated for this reason.
    If your Account or access to the Site(s) is terminated for any or no reason, you may no longer have access to the Content you posted on the Site(s).

    In 5% of cases terminate with is used
    The cable must be terminated with a 50-ohm terminator resistor.
    Jeremy is employed on a permanent contract and can be terminated with the payment of 11.
    Swan explains that Winslow terminates with Swan and that Swan does not terminate until his contract terminates.

    In 3% of cases terminate without is used
    WARNING: As you will soon see, it is dangerous for a parent to terminate without waiting for the death of its child.

    In 3% of cases terminate during is used
    Some S$25 billion notional amount of IRS trades were terminated during the portfolio compression exercise on Nov 23, 2012.

    In 3% of cases terminate after is used
    It's obvious the every program in this language terminates after some steps.
    Best known was Borden Chase, who joined the pulps when his regular job as a driver for a Chicago bootlegger was terminated after Al Capone's gunmen mowed down his employer.
    Typically, in a residential agreement for a two year term the tenant can terminate after 12-16 months by giving two or three months notice and sometimes upon payment of a penalty.

    In 2% of cases terminate from is used
    All the refree that coach at villa park yesterday should be autormaticaly be terminated from football.

    In 2% of cases terminate into is used
    The Buddha typically has elongated earlobes, urna and wavy hair swept backwards and terminating into topknot.

    In 2% of cases terminate before is used
    This ensured that the parent process terminated before the child.

    In 2% of cases terminate because is used
    After only a short time with the company Ms S had her employment terminated because of what the employer claimed was redundancy.

    In 1% of cases terminate beside is used
    It terminates beside the opposite nostril, where it links to the stomach channel.

    In 1% of cases terminate over is used
    How no-one was summarily terminated over that fiasco is beyond us, but this very fact makes it clear that incentives to perform with competence are non-existent in OPM land.

    In 1% of cases terminate upon is used
    The iddah would terminate upon commencement of the third menstrual cycle.

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