Prepositions after "tend"

tend to, towards, toward, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases tend to is used
    Stephanie I tend to agree with you.
    The only thing is, they don't tend to.
    Girls tend to train earlier than boys.
    Such people tend to be free thinkers, critical of standardized thought and expectations.
    When tested in hard sciences, girls tend to clump in the middle of the statistical range.
    It's been proven that people who pay attention to what they're eating tend to weight less.
    It is a shame that money tends to muck these things up as it often does when people are subject to emotional appeals.
    When contact lenses or simply glasses tend to inconvenient and also expensive, Lasek is the reply to available for you.
    Khushi gets up right away to tend to him whereas Sheetal comments that Aarav is a big boy and can take care of himself.
    This would probably be a good time to remind the Thieves how History tends to (eventually) reward them for their deeds.

    In 13% of cases tend towards is used
    Almost no game devs code in Java, they tend towards C.
    Another 10% tend towards a focus in technical translation.
    Sometimes that will tend towards a NPOV and sometimes not.
    The PIP assessment criteria also tend towards the medical model of disability.
    But the reality is that marriages tend towards child-raising and same-sex partnerships do not.
    This is not wholly a surprise, because the way the media handle any drugs story tends towards the pathetic.
    Interesting as always Graeme I tend towards the no threshold at all but see your point about needing three MPs to be effective.
    In the restaurant's case this was due to having eaten elsewhere (the prices also seemed to be tending towards the higher end).
    If the music tends towards one category, it is jazz, but the influences include everything from electronic funk to Indian classical.

    In 6% of cases tend toward is used
    First, financial markets do not tend toward equilibrium.
    Recent changes in FDI policy have tended toward greater liberalization.
    They tend toward unacknowledged anger and are physically and emotionally rigid.
    I suppose, aesthetically, I tend toward architecture with light, bright colors and comforting, rounded curves.
    The force exerted by the force field always tends toward lower energy and will act to reduce the potential energy.
    I was asked by Cov House to make calls to his mother &; brother, because I tend toward the stoic in these situations, I guess.
    Moreover, the author's suggestions tend toward redundancy, describing rather than addressing the very behaviorisms an introvert might wish to alter (e.
    The hard physical work of hunting or farming was essential to survival, so we naturally tended toward resting when possible to save our energy for more important things.
    It would be friends I'd never heard speaking this way first, then family who tend toward a subconscious kind of racism, but to hear them speak like this was still out of character.

    In 2% of cases tend by is used
    Solar community grids, cisterns grey water recycling gardens tended by urban farmers, supportive business collaborative networks.

    In 1% of cases tend for is used
    For example, the polygamy permitted in Muslim society stemmed from the need for larger family units, the better to support familial ties and tend for widows.

    In 1% of cases tend of is used
    Kids who take part in sports tend of having this problem all through growth spurts.

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