Prepositions after "tarnish"

tarnish by, in, with, after or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases tarnish by is used
    Everyone else has been tarnished by a bottom two appearance.
    We don't need some other rising star being tarnished by being hitched to yet another GOP moderate candidate.
    Match-fixing in sport Football The beautiful game has been tarnished by a string of match-fixing allegations.
    Kendrick: I remember thinking very highly of Private Bell, of not wanted to see his record tarnished by a formal charge.
    Pauli, Hansa Rostock, Dynamo Dresden, Hertha BSC, Karlsruher SC and many other clubs tarnished by a small minority of idiots among their ranks.
    And it is a huge shame that this current crop of champions who appear to be clean will forever be tarnished by the actions of those who have gone before them.
    The British company may be tarnished by the accusations, but HP is a mess, switching from one disastrous strategy to another without understanding what is happening to it.
    But Mr Bin Hammam's candidacy has also been tarnished by claims separate to Triesman 's, which alleged that Fifa members Issa Hayatou and Jacques Anouma were paid 900,000 to vote for Qatar 2022.

    In 7% of cases tarnish in is used
    Against such a backdrop Neelan's reputation will no longer remain tarnished in the eyes of certain segments of the Tamil people.

    In 7% of cases tarnish with is used
    Mixed with some chain that I tarnished with boiled egg.

    In 4% of cases tarnish after is used
    However, if you have pointed out that the actual copper ceiling tiles are starting so that you can tarnish after that will want to purchase a cleaner you can use to eliminate the tarnish.

    In 4% of cases tarnish on is used
    I probably know who I'd choose if asked the question, but lets respect pure ability rather than tarnish on the basis of eccentricities.

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