Prepositions after "symbolize"

symbolize by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 86% of cases symbolize by is used
    Money is symbolized by Water in feng shui.
    Frost's life was full of achievement which is symbolized by the hard work of apple picking.
    This theory is symbolized by the notion of equivalence of a magnetic dipole and a current dipole.
    This is symbolized by man's effort to stand upon The Moon, which is made of symbolic Green Cheese.
    The palm branches in their hands imply that this event was symbolized by the feast of the 15 th day of the seventh month.
    Furthermore he has also killed the remainder of humanity as symbolized by the lustful and oblivious audience of the Paradise.
    Rather than use Unicode values for these characters, they are symbolized by placing the Latin transliteration in italic type.
    COLOR IT BLUE The continued drift of the state's largest city to the blue column was symbolized by the landslide for a dollar increasing the minimum wage.
    Logically, he is symbolized by a watchful, disembodied red or yellow eye, reminiscent of traditional Christian images of the transcendental presence of God.

    In 14% of cases symbolize in is used
    English symbolizes in Indians minds, better education, better culture and higher intellect.
    It refers to the catastrophic last events, symbolized in Revelation by the plagues and the sixth seal.
    Jefferson at that time responded warmly to Latrobe's attempt to symbolize in architecture the values of the newly founded republic.
    It was the Paris of Napoleon that saw the erection of the most conspicuous examples of the style, intended to symbolize in stone the grandeur of the Emperor.

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