Prepositions after "sway"

sway by, in, from, to or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases sway by is used
    Don't get swayed by short-term volatility.
    Faramir refused to be swayed by his father's words.
    Open your eyes, don't be swayed by mainstream media hysteria.
    It seems, however, that not all young women in Ireland are swayed by the long list of benefits.
    Our natural tendency with such an emotive issue is to be swayed by feelings, rather than logic.
    They will be swayed by company information, references, case studies of success stories and testimonials.
    Funnily, our brethren in the field of astrology also were swayed by the predictions made by the Meteorology Department.
    The important work of the DOJ, and our visionary Attorney General will not be swayed by rants from these economic terrorists.
    The basis of government policy, market responses and public sentiment can be swayed by ' better ' or ' worse ' sets of numbers.
    And now the people of the Peach State had apparently been swayed by their fear of terrorism into believing that those ads were right.

    In 14% of cases sway in is used
    It really swayed in a storm and we feared it might break off and fall on a building.
    Come on, if you want some pretty ladies swaying in front of you, the price has to go up.
    A chorten (stupa) stood sentinel at the pass, and colourful prayer flags swayed in the breeze above the path.
    I'd not Samsung biggest fan but even I can see that certain articles have swayed in favour of Apple recently.
    Everyone in the overflowing room swaying in time to the blissed-out beat, the steady grooves and bombastic bass.
    Any burgeoning self pity in the filthy conditions were swept away as we passed the 23 mile marker swaying in the wind.
    Magnificent sub tropical palms sway in the gentle sea breeze, as locals and visitors alike enjoy another award winning vintage at one of.
    And for three days and nights this lurid tower swayed in the sky, reddening the sun, darkening the day, and filling the land with smoke.
    Surrounded by the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, lined with white beaches and adorned with undulating hills and palm trees that sway in the trade winds, Zanzibar is truly a picturesque island.

    In 8% of cases sway from is used
    The trees are swaying from side to side, And my heart, it's breaking.
    Climbing from octave to octave, bending and swaying from scales to scales.
    You will never be swayed from voting Democrat, but then again, the debates aren't targeted at you anyway.

    In 5% of cases sway to is used
    Well, Chris I'd pretty swayed to the Nex 7.
    Of the dignified lecture he gave at the University of Havana, but also of Linc at The Tropicana nightclub, swaying to music and admiring the beautiful women.

    In 3% of cases sway at is used
    This shows who sways at the first gale.
    Not to be swayed at every turn by the world but to have a discipline based on Dhamma for one's life.
    Representing soca music, Dubois found favour with the audience as few Trinidad flags swayed at his feet during his set.

    In 3% of cases sway with is used
    It fairly sways with a single soul.
    The svelte Bamboo, having no equal (No one is equal) strength or bravado, swayed with the winds.

    In 3% of cases sway on is used
    He swayed on his feet and listened to us and understood what we said.
    Historically, blacks across the nation have been swayed on the issue by strong opposition by black religious leaders.

    In 2% of cases sway into is used
    I wasn't swayed into buying this game from Blair's praising review, so.

    In 2% of cases sway away is used
    What is strange is that United delayed the contractual negotiations until the younster got swayed away from them.
    The conservative left voters who would possibly be swayed away from Labour over this have already gone (or at least stayed home).

    In 2% of cases sway toward is used
    This has not had much of an effect amongst the Brahmana classes, but the lower classes who attend are more vulnerable and are impressed by such things, and are then swayed toward Christianity.

    In 1% of cases sway for is used
    She swayed for a moment and sank on to the rug, where she lay curled beside him.

    In 1% of cases sway under is used
    They will not sway under persecution.

    In 1% of cases sway without is used
    To move other parts of the body, to swing without wiggling or sway without writhing on the dance floor must be the epitome of being uncool.

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