Prepositions after "swamp"

"swamp by" or "swamp with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases swamp by is used
    The Google Play store was swamped by demand for the 4.
    Humans whose small cultures must be swamped by a swelling tide.
    But even lovely Ketam gets swamped by visitors at certain times of the year.
    Have you noticed the power tools segment beigh swamped by cheap, not fit to work tools.
    The clinic was up and running just 14 hours after Nzulo was swamped by the influx of displaced civilians.
    The previous article 3 reported how such languages tend to become swamped by the proliferation of type parameters.
    Related Articles There was one particular day when I found myself swamped by emotions I still can't really process.
    I'd genuinely interested in knowing how a Buzzfeed article such as this one comes to be swamped by conservative comments.
    But there was a moment in the mid-1990s, and I daresay Flesh was at fault for this, that Pride was swamped by straight women.
    I generally don't mind some thread drift, but IIRC this the the third post that I've written that has been swamped by cosmic rays.

    In 35% of cases swamp with is used
    I'd sure the blogosphere will be swamped with images and videos in the next 24 hours.
    The houses in this area are now swamped with water and can be reached only in a boat.
    We won't allow the law-abiding to uphold the law, so our streets get swamped with CCTV.
    I have been swamped with my -- to do list since I arrived and I have not had free time to write.
    Instead we get swamped with folk hell bent on nicking the ' golden ' paving stones in Londonistan.
    As part of the PhD process students often find themselves swamped with a number of time-consuming tasks.
    The Korean ETS and most of the Chinese pilot schemes have watched the European Union's ETS become swamped with excess credits and the price of carbon bomb to an ineffectual level.

    In 2% of cases swamp beyond is used
    Many of the features of a new signal can be swamped beyond repair by standard model processes.

    In 2% of cases swamp on is used
    Often strong in the water, McMaster struggled in the swim, getting swamped on the second lap.

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