Prepositions after "suspect"

suspect of, in, by, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases suspect of is used
    And usually suspected of espionage.
    He is suspected of 24 murders, 15 robberies and around 20 arson attacks.
    Some are suspected of links with the pro-Taliban Pakistani intelligence service.
    A child suspected of an offence is referred to the Garda Juvenile Diversion Programme.
    Christians are being removed from synagogues and are suspected of treason by the Romans.
    When is it ordered? The test is ordered when a pregnant woman is suspected of having any of the TORCH infections.
    According to Odhikar, 135 deaths were suspected of being politically motivated, compared with 220 the previous year.
    NB - a useful way to test the operation of a speaker coil if it is suspected of being faulty is to connect a small (1.
    West Kelowna RCMP are looking for two men suspected of robbing the Liquor Depot at 3000 Louie Drive shortly before 9 p.

    In 12% of cases suspect in is used
    A man arrested also is suspected in a blast earlier the same day in downtown Oslo that killed seven.
    Ileal carcinoid tumor should be suspected in elderly CD patients presenting with obstructive symptoms.
    Allow on your own understand that you suspect in your self and you know you will certainly be successful.
    HUJI-B was suspected in the July 2000 assassination attempt of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
    But for a common man, it is expensive, it is grossly delayed, and even at some times probably suspect in some ways.
    It is also suspect in the rise of new cases of medical ailments in humans such as colon cancer, obesity, heart disease, etc.
    Now that represents a degree of hypocrisy I've hirtherto suspected in you, but have not noticed due to highly evasive skills.
    HUJI (B) was suspected in the attack on the Indian security personnel guarding the American Centre in Kolkata on January, 22, 2002.
    Lovelace is sentenced to death for the murder of a suspected informant, but because of court rulings is later resentenced to life without parole.
    But in situations where patient is stable and vascular injury is clinically suspected in the presence of penetrating neck wound, immediate angiography is mandatory 4.

    In 4% of cases suspect by is used
    This, however, must in no wise be suspected by the public.
    His activities, suspected by both the Spanish and British, were confirmed by Abdel Krim after the war.
    Pity I have to wait a thousand years for it -- I suspect by then my Social Security benefits will have run out.
    Since the beginning of 2001, there were many violent incidents in which the involvement of the Islamic extremist elements was suspected by the BD Police.
    Although we now know that the Moon orbits the Earth and the planets orbit the Sun because of the same force that makes the stone fall, this was not suspected by early scholars.
    In 2005, the SCO member states even went so far as to agree to deny asylum to all individuals accused or even suspected by other member states of terrorism, separatism, or extremism.

    In 4% of cases suspect for is used
    That is enough for me and I suspect for a vast majority too.
    I suspect for many people it's simply an aversion to having a black family in the White House.
    I also find the suggestion that Sambourne was creepy or suspect for doing it kind of weird in itself.
    Prosecutors said the Basel smuggler had been suspected for years, and is accused of money laundering, fraud, and multiple counts of violating laws on transferring cultural goods.

    In 3% of cases suspect on is used
    He is suspected on probable grounds of aggravated theft and concealment of stolen property.
    How is a pulmonary embolism diagnosed? The diagnosis is often suspected on the basis of symptoms and your medical history.
    Frankly I don't think most people will draw these distinctions and I suspect on the doorsteps most canvassers won't even make them.

    In 2% of cases suspect after is used
    He told me he hadn't been into computers or technology much over that time, as I suspected after the difficulty of the search.

    In 2% of cases suspect as is used
    Indeed by its neglect of worship and failure to address the demands of community it may in fact be theologically suspect as well as socially impracticable.
    Jonah Goldberg is on record with an entire book proudly declaring his inability to tell his Left from his Right, which makes him immediately suspect as a political thinker.
    Today that fear is not there and anybody could raise the issue of the human rights of the LTTE terrorists or of those who are suspected as such, without being suspected of being a LTTE terrorist.

    In 2% of cases suspect with is used
    We all listened eagerly but I suspect with hindsight, that not all his tales were true.
    I suspect with the warmth, and all the little cutouts, this will shortly become an A-1 Special spider habitat.

    In 1% of cases suspect about is used
    When the partners suspect about one another, how lengthy would that relationship go before it eventually ends up.
    Historically, there's something suspect about a story told in this manner, the way it tugs the customer to the next ledge.

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