Prepositions after "surpass"

surpass by, in, after, at or before?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases surpass by is used
    Essien is not a natural DM, neither is Mikel but has now been surpassed by him.
    Its strict dress code is surpassed by the highfalutin ' LeBua -- not even knapsacks allowed.
    Not to mention the country has been surpassed by many countries, is in trillions of dollars of debt, and is pretty much owned by China.
    Pakistan has 5 million children out of school, a number only surpassed by Nigeria, the UN cultural agency said in a report published this week.
    When the pastor took to the stage the congregation burst into hymn with a gusto only surpassed by the rocking, whispered prayers that came after.
    And the actual taste of a Sussex Pond Pudding is surpassed by the fact that you'd no more be offered it in Scotland than you'd find a Scottish Ecclefechan tart down south.
    Although that distinction has since been surpassed by younger chefs, White retains a certain level of fame even as his disciples Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone take up most of the spotlight.

    In 11% of cases surpass in is used
    This is unsurprising, and in fact it's the goal set by the government, a goal the STM has surpassed in its review of PASTEC.

    In 4% of cases surpass until is used
    This was not surpassed until 1975 when American Don Martinez achieved three and a half somersaults.

    In 4% of cases surpass with is used
    It is often surpassed with the use of telephone conferencing services.

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