Prepositions after "suppress"

"suppress by" or "suppress in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases suppress by is used
    That positive test was allegedly suppressed by the UCI.
    When testosterone is suppressed by hormonal therapy, prostate cancer cell growth slows down.
    A nationalist streak in Balochistan has been repeatedly suppressed by state-sponsored violence.
    The gathering turned into an all-out revolt against Chinese rule, which was suppressed by the PLA.
    The strike launched in September but was suppressed by the joint efforts of Foxconn and the local police.
    Jayewardene and Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan wanted to be her country's dictator, was clearly suppressed by the Indian Supreme Court.
    When these emotions would be suppressed by the local governments the more irritated feelings would have emerged thus providing further support for Satanic American aims.
    This is precisely why these whistleblowers are not lauded by legislators or trumpeted by the media, but actively suppressed by government officials and the corporate media alike.
    In fact, Arabs played a truly remarkable role in defeating Hitler, a fact so carefully suppressed by the French after the war that I did not learn of it in 15 years of schooling in France.
    In another arena, where democracy had long been suppressed by violence, Cory took one of the boldest steps in establishing representative government as a foundation for peace and democracy.

    In 19% of cases suppress in is used
    Castro asked brilliantly obvious questions about Oswald that have been suppressed in our own media for decades.
    The Question of Infidelity is totally suppressed in this article, when in fact, it must be a critical component to the hurt and confusion.
    Yet these facts remain suppressed in public discussions of the Bosnia war, which typically celebrate the virtues of the Muslim government.
    Gospels abound, but so many were suppressed in favour of four guys (a number who never even met this Jesus guy) -- Mathew, Mark, Luke &; John.
    This forces reproduction to be suppressed in all but the alpha-male and -female; this way, the non-reproducing members of the pack can focus all of their care on one litter rather.

    In 7% of cases suppress for is used
    We natural beauties have been suppressed for much too long.

    In 7% of cases suppress under is used
    During his twelve-year reign, grievances which had been suppressed under Umar's caliphate came to the surface.
    Then the first (10 point) space is suppressed under rule 1, and the second (4 point) space is suppressed under rule 3.
    The nation once suppressed under their dictatorship has long begun its recovery and continues to move forward with the help of the US and NATO forces.

    In 4% of cases suppress behind is used
    This isn't the early 00? s any more when peoples irritation about a dumb decision can be suppressed behind the limited channels of mainstream media.

    In 2% of cases suppress after is used
    It had not spraked a general Irish uprising against Britain, as was hoped by the nationalists, and by 1 May it had been suppressed after some fairly heavy fighting.

    In 2% of cases suppress because is used
    Upon the completion of his doctorate, he was made editor of the Rheinische Zeitung, which was shortly suppressed because of its advanced liberal views.

    In 2% of cases suppress from is used
    But in 2001 a State Department study of the 1965-66 events in Indonesia was suppressed from public scrutiny by the Bush Administration.

    In 2% of cases suppress on is used
    In 1793 the Reign of Terror commenced and the Acadmie des Sciences, along with the other learned societies, was suppressed on 8 August.

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