Prepositions after "supplant"

supplant by, in or rather?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases supplant by is used
    Except my N900 has mostly been supplanted by my N9.
    A theorem could be supplanted by another result or get less interesting over time but it always remains true.
    Poptech When I was in college we were taguht Fortan IV, even though it had already been supplanted by Fortan 77.
    As you said, HAL has been supplanted by udev now that it's got it's act in gear and is deprecating HAL more generally.
    Decent journalism is now rare, having been supplanted by ideologues who don't blanch at purveying their personal agendas.
    It's nice to see EVs finally coming back after being supplanted by noisy, smelly, dirty, dangerous monsters for about 100 years.
    This version, in turn, was soon supplanted by one in which the mono recordings of the songs were replaced by their stereo counterparts.
    Why? Because a criticism can feel like a -rejection - so it's likely to trigger your underlying anxiety about being supplanted by someone else.
    Entrepreneurs largely supplanted by the mony men -- to an extent now joining the ranks of subordinate useful idiots like politicians, &; mainstream media &; economists.
    Pride and exultation were supplanted by humility, and the fiercest of human passions was already succeeded by the most profound and unequivocal demonstrations of grief.

    In 8% of cases supplant in is used
    Gradually the past begins to take over, Valentina, the present wife, is supplanted in the story by the past wife Valerie, who is still alive and gradually comes to occupy centre stage.

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