Prepositions after "supervise"

supervise by, as, in, at or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases supervise by is used
    This program, MK-Ultra, supervised by Dr.
    Typically, a WG is supervised by two chairs.
    Wilde and building operations were supervised by Bro.
    It is a very powerful drug and its use needs to be regulated and supervised by a doctor.
    Children are not allowed outside the gym unless they are directly supervised by an adult.
    However at the time crack testing was undertaken and any remedial action again was supervised by John Shawcross.
    In most cases, professional and technical occupations are supervised by managerial or professional personnel respectively.
    They are closely supervised by people like Padilla, who, like many of the crew chiefs and instructors, served time himself.
    Therefore the whole process needs to be supervised by someone with a lot of experience and who can take the right decisions.

    In 2% of cases supervise at is used
    Keep in mind that resort dives are usually in specific areas and you remain supervised at all times by a Dive Master.

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