Prepositions after "supersede"

supersede by, on, in, until or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 83% of cases supersede by is used
    In 1866 the Vestry was superseded by the Parochial Boards.
    Then there's others who believe that truth was superseded by the real truth 700 years ago.
    Capitalism should be superseded by local co-operative enterprise and local political decision-making.
    Condominiums that were new and exciting are often superseded by new condos and apartments opening in Bangkok.
    Economics therefore becomes the key motivator in ' new wars ' as older forms of grievance become superseded by greed.
    Even laptops will be superseded by the mobile device of the future, he predicted, with desktop sales already flatlining.
    The type was issued with only that one date (although scarce proofs exist dated 1848 ), and was superseded by the Gothic florin in 1852.
    That is about to change: next year it will be superseded by the new Los Angeles Biennial, organized jointly by the Hammer Museum and LAXART.
    Mounted troops, however, were equipped with a smaller round shield, the PARMA, which was soon superseded by a light oval shield of wood or leather.

    In 8% of cases supersede on is used
    He was superseded on as many as 14 occasions.
    While in that post, he was superseded on 10 occasions.
    He was again superseded on a number of occasions before being made DIG crime.

    In 3% of cases supersede until is used
    The Almagest was not superseded until a century after Copernicus presented his heliocentric theory in the De revolutionibus of 1543.

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