Prepositions after "superimpose"

superimpose on, upon, onto, over or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases superimpose on is used
    Use this to superimpose on any layout plan.
    They are all apparent modes superimposed on its transcendent being.
    To these ones, possible texts and graphics superimposed on the image can be applied.
    Apparently a fear activated the image of a full staring face, which was superimposed on the profile of the other person.
    Just as an illusory snake is superimposed on the rope, similarly an illusory personality is superimposed on the real self.
    He showed that the movements of strings of musical instruments are composed of an infinite number of harmonic vibrations all superimposed on the string.
    When the annihilated city center was rebuilt, a modern concrete grid was superimposed on Plymouth's crooked cobbled lanes, burying its medieval past in memory.
    By late afternoon the dress rehearsal was winding down to its end: Dusty was giving it the big finish and I waited to cue the end roller which would be superimposed on the screen giving the credits.

    In 9% of cases superimpose upon is used
    This gives rise to a contradictory development, where the most advanced features are superimposed upon extremely backward conditions.
    High tide levels vary through the lunar and solar cycle and when superimposed upon other tidal variations exceptionally high tides result.

    In 6% of cases superimpose onto is used
    The critical vocabularies and frameworks of pre-1945 or pre-1970 can't be superimposed onto the work of women writers and writers of color that have emerged since then.

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