Prepositions after "suffice"

suffice for, in, as, with or according?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases suffice for is used
    Just an online dictionary definition will suffice for the moment; 1 a.
    Koreish has the right to get this position and Koreish suffices for it.
    The lawyer will see to the fact that you are able to well suffice for the child.
    It was expected that the reserves with a high iron content will suffice for 25 years.
    Thou canst easily and unmissed leave home: less than half an hour will suffice for thine absence.
    A brisk pace will suffice for the redundant cold and clever neck crainers that have popped up everywhere else.
    A single majority by the members present at a triennial meeting will suffice for the proposal to become effective.
    Clothes If you aim to pack light, bringing a single business suit would suffice for rest of your business meetings during the trip.
    That should suffice for Cork -- there will be no electrified rail like the DART, no luas, and there will be much less buses per capita.
    Isi it very ignorant to ask if the tubs of crayfish in the supermarket would suffice for this recipe? I think those tubs would be perfect.

    In 12% of cases suffice in is used
    Either would suffice in the long term.
    That's why I was content with a level of generality that wouldn't suffice in a more traditional memoir.
    The justices asked a number of questions, including whether any covenant not-to-sue could ever suffice in a trademark action if the underlying registration remained valid.
    From the productivity assessed, the 3,560 ha of Group A4, which could have sufficed in maintaining almost half the 3,000 LSU envisaged for the ranch, could maintain only 680 LSU.

    In 10% of cases suffice as is used
    This box alone would have sufficed as a meal on its own.
    But in some respects, even budgeting no longer suffices as the means of financial survival.
    Sometimes it is so obvious what Westminster should do, even an assumption of incompetent ignorance won't suffice as an explanation.
    The fact that 86% of American adults have never heard of Jamie Dimon should suffice as proof regarding the all-encompassing level of ignorance in this country.

    In 8% of cases suffice with is used
    Many, instead of writing? Mu? ammad? in full, suffice with writing? Mohd?

    In 2% of cases suffice but is used
    Hold your hand slightly above your head (3 inches would suffice but for you I'd go at least 8) so that your palm is parallel to the top of your head and move it to and fro for a few moments.

    In 2% of cases suffice to is used
    A small complaint would suffice to fuel the urgency for drastic action.

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