Prepositions after "subsidize"

subsidize by, in, at, despite or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 67% of cases subsidize by is used
    I think fans also don't understand just how much money the owners are making, or how much they're subsidized by our tax dollars.
    The cost of hard-to-get phosphorus could be subsidized by co-mining of other minerals, including uranium and thorium that exceed the energy required to extract phosphorus by many orders of magnitude.

    In 11% of cases subsidize in is used
    There is a reason why education is subsidized in Canada and not in the US.

    In 4% of cases subsidize at is used
    Fossil fuels are subsidized at nearly six times the rate of renewable energy.

    In 4% of cases subsidize despite is used
    Currently, the fossil fuel industry is generously subsidized despite the fact that it's already the most profitable business on earth.

    In 4% of cases subsidize for is used
    Unless some costs are subsidized for these groups, as called for by general obligations of human rights instruments, they are likely to be excluded from the services they need.

    In 4% of cases subsidize to is used
    ALL public services are subsidized to one degree or another.

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