Prepositions after "subdivide"

subdivide into, by, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases subdivide into is used
    The page is subdivided into regions.
    It is further subdivided into 359 sub villages (vitongoji).
    It is further subdivided into 359 sub villages (vitongoj i).
    The other half of the volume can then be subdivided into two parts.
    Since then, our land has been subdivided into group and individual ranches.
    Opposition MPs are subdivided into three subgroups: caucus officers, critics, and backbenchers.
    When the column-count trait is greater than one, then the region-body will be subdivided into multiple columns.
    The ranges were subdivided into divisions, districts, and police stations, Colombo was designated as a special range.
    A given bookmark may be further subdivided into a sequence of (sub-) bookmarks to as many levels as the authors desire.
    It also has the right to subdivide into as many as 5 smaller states, which could have a significant impact on the Senate.

    In 5% of cases subdivide for is used
    As I understand it infra-red is rather large radiation spectrum that then had been subdivided for more precise meaning (near infra-red and thermal infra-red being two of them).

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