Prepositions after "stomp"

stomp on, about, into, through or upon?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases stomp on is used
    X (2) can theo promise not to stomp on anybody's toes.
    X X> (2) that you aren't going to stomp on anybody's toes.
    Last year on Thanksgiving, he stomped on another player's head.
    Then they'll pack a gym bag and head down to Morgantown, WV, to stomp on the long-haired Moutaineers.
    She soon ended that particular argument when she accidentally on purpose stomped on Winchesters foot.
    The new film has a preamble set in 17,000BC in Africa, with the Transformers stomping on some painted tribesmen.
    Ohio man Samuel Cole allegedly stomped on his girlfriend's chest so hard that her breast implant burst in February, 2012.
    XDate: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 19:00:46 -0600 XFrom: Theo de Raadt X X> > > (2) that you aren't going to stomp on anybody's toes.
    The lack of class was shown by your coaches pregame comments and all the ugly fouls, particularly by Tancredi stomping on Lloyds head.
    Shell declined to reduce the two-game ban given to Detroit Lions nose tackle Ndamukong Suh after Suh stomped on an opponents arm last month.

    In 4% of cases stomp about is used
    One squirt of Spray and Wipe and he is stomping about the house opening windows in a huff.
    One wonders when the brouhaha of self-righteous anger and stomping about has gone back the everyday what will the result be.

    In 4% of cases stomp upon is used
    By that time, others had made it to the ticket stand and before I could get on, I felt myself being pushed down, stomped upon and felt a wild stampede pass over my body.

    In 2% of cases stomp alongside is used
    It's a very surreal mix to have flesh-eating zombies stomping alongside cute flowers and adorable avatars, but it really works.

    In 2% of cases stomp around is used
    Always stomping around the set in his big giant boots and pushing the little grips around.

    In 2% of cases stomp down is used
    I stomp down the road looking like an eejit.

    In 2% of cases stomp like is used
    And a set of spurs that complimented his boot stomping like a nasty bass drum ready to explode.

    In 2% of cases stomp towards is used
    As Barack Obama waited in a -cavernous building in London, he suddenly noticed Gordon Brown stomping towards him down a corridor, with a flurry of aides in his wake.

    In 2% of cases stomp with is used
    Then he would pick up the worn and sagging medicine bag and come up onto the porch stomping with each step to remove as much snow as possible.

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