Prepositions after "stink"

"stink of" or "stink to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases stink of is used
    The whole thing stinks of a pedo ring.
    It stinks of COVER UP!!!! ZackRW4 Glenn Beck called this awhile ago.
    Prettying it up only stinks of complacency, and reeks of insecurity.
    And yes your home will stink of cats with there fetid stence of half consumed birds mice and rats.
    An initial failure to ask this question might indicate incompetence; a refusal to ask it stinks of corruption.
    The room was stinking of rotten onion and human excrement in one corner, an empty plastic bottle and two steel plates etc.
    When that toilet overflows and everyone involved comes out stinking of effluent, then the pariah status will be richly deserved.
    It stinks of COVER UP!!!! patriotforrevo So 0bungles let more weapons walk across borders and again an American is murdered with them.
    I mean, how impractical?! The whole plane stank of curry! Now, I am not a great curry eater, due to my very sensitive disposition, but alas, I ate it.

    In 17% of cases stink to is used
    This stinks to high heaven whatever way you look at it.
    She delicately sniffed the thing, though in truth it stank to high heaven.
    If not made by the Obeids (and of course that process stinks to high heaven ), they would have been made by someone else.
    What would make this possible are all there-the abandonment of the rule of the law, people taking the law into their hands, corruption that stinks to high heaven-.
    It stinks to high heaven that Key got safely out of the country, accompanied by only two (probably extremely tame) members of the press before the deal was announced.
    Tho, what 14 year old plays with dog poo?! And what 14 year old does not know that it carries risks?! RE: That house must stink to high heaven! Utterly disgusting, insanitary pair of oddballs.

    In 9% of cases stink like is used
    We're becoming a nation of hatred, and it stinks like something has died.
    Once you've put those 3 factors together, you can get a pretty good idea of which links stink like expensive cheese.

    In 4% of cases stink from is used
    Fish stinks from The Head Down Call me crazy but I have always liked this statement when it applies to ' Leadership ', why you may ask? Because I cringe just thinking about how true this is.

    In 4% of cases stink in is used
    But if the perennial greats of the American League (or all of baseball) want to not stink in the coming years, the Yankees ' way with Swisher is the way to go.

    In 4% of cases stink with is used
    We lost the count but all of them live a three bedroom house and it stinks with garlic and burning chillies smell.

    In 2% of cases stink about is used
    If they raise enough stink about it, the hotel will probably either back down or risk a bad reputation which is bad for business.
    Re: Why in secret? Yeah that's kind of the whole point in making a stink about this going on and trying to make a scene of the hotel.

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