Prepositions after "steer"

"steer away" or "steer by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 36% of cases steer away is used
    You are right to steer away from it.
    Stock Advice steer away from stock advice and recommendations that are unsolicited.
    It steers away from the individual and uplifts the idea of collective responsibility.
    I looked back up and felt the muscles in my right arm begin to constrict as I attempted to steer away from the car.
    Perhaps schools can suggest female graduates to steer away from safe HR jobs in favor of marketing or finance career.
    Banoffee Trifle Thankfully we steered away from the prawn theme for our desserts and chose the Banoffee Trifle and the Apple Crumble.
    Also I think Bret-Owen wasn't released here since it's about a half an hour in length and right now they are steering away from anything Owen which sucks.
    The draft legislation would appear to steer away from nano-specific regulations but many of the proposed changes will deeply impact the nanotechnology community.
    Depending on your man's taste you might want to steer away from the conventional gifts and give him something, however small, that he will remember for the rest of his days.
    She said that as women's magazines have steered away from controversial political topics like abortion, they have become even safer destinations for candidates to share their views.

    In 17% of cases steer by is used
    Instead they were steered by oars.
    I do object to its trajectory which happens to be the result of steering by economics.
    The parascender has little or no control over the parachute which is actually steered by the boat driver.
    The Warren Commission's inquiry was steered by Allen Dulles, the CIA head whom John Kennedy had fired after the Bay of Pigs.
    We couldn't leave without having dessert; after all, Catalunya is steered by chefs coming from all sorts of wonderful restaurants including Sketch in London, which is famed for its sweets.
    The research was steered by a project board with representatives from the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE).

    In 6% of cases steer to is used
    And the 2016 nomination will be steered to another black of Infinite Moral Superiority to follow the black Messiah.
    Memos obtained by Asia Sentinel show the French expected at least part of the money to be steered to the United Malays National Organization, Malaysia's biggest ethnic political party.

    In 6% of cases steer with is used
    Only very sophisticated investors sell and buy or steer with instruments like options or futures.
    He steered with an extra arm he'd recently fitted just beneath his one to help improve his ski-boxing.

    In 5% of cases steer in is used
    They have made a video of the car being steered in an open ground sans a driver.

    In 5% of cases steer into is used
    Reared by an abusive father who beat his sons mercilessly, he was steered into a life of brutality and hate - a life that one day included membership in the KKK.
    And a settlement with Wells Fargo Bank provides $125 million for borrowers who were allegedly steered into subprime mortgages or who allegedly paid higher fees and rates than white borrowers.

    In 5% of cases steer towards is used
    Within the logistics sector there has been a lot of churning and soul searching to undo the mistakes of the past and steer towards a better direction, one of growth and re-alignment to modern times.

    In 3% of cases steer for is used
    Look around and pick out some landmarks to steer for.
    On the beach, it's easy to steer for the surf line, but when you turn around, where are you going to point? 3.

    In 2% of cases steer from is used
    Taumualuas are propelled by paddles and can be steered from either end.

    In 2% of cases steer onto is used
    Although society has fluctuated in many different directions over time and people have been steered onto their own paths, fire has remained an important part of our lives.

    In 2% of cases steer within is used
    Psychics are often sought by individuals who would like to know and steering within the activities that occur in their lives.

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