Prepositions after "stain"

"stain with" or "stain on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases stain with is used
    His head and paws were stained with blood.
    Haba Bloodlust, All your hands are stained with blood.
    He might had regained freedom but had been stained with embarrassment.
    In chromosome tests, the chromosomes (usually from blood cells) are stained with dye.
    The sectioned ovaries were then stained with periodic acid/schiffs-Hematoxylin (PAS-H).
    I shuddered at the thought that for anything I knew, his hand might be stained with blood.
    Many walls are stained with soot from oil lamps, but there are exquisite murals depicting biblical scenes on others.
    People I call ' friends ' on facebook suggested shooting, neutering and staining with indelible ink suspected rioters.
    He noted that the fissure was stained with what looked like blackened blood, and that the same substance was also present on the Mercy Seat.
    I thought that this boss would say anything except what he actually said, which was to point out that my garment was stained with menstrual blood.

    In 38% of cases stain on is used
    You might find blood stains on bed sheets or clothing you wear to bed.
    This morning I noticed little bugs and even small blood stains on the bed.
    Two had tear stains on their face, all dressed in robes, pyjamas and boots.
    It was alleged that the prosecution had not shown that the blood stains on his clothing were fresh.
    Just make sure there are no lipstick stains on your shirt or on any part of your anatomy when you get home drunk.
    The reason I've chosen to cut the carrots this way was to minimize staining on my chopping board (or grater, for that matter).
    There is no Aston Martin in sight, no green ink stains on his fingers, and he hasn't just left a package taped underneath a park bench.
    Unfortunately any returns which are found to have make-up stains on the garment can not be exchanged or refunded unless they are faulty.
    I hate that whoever did the grouting in the first place was sloppy about it and the impossible-to-remove grease stains on the kitchen walls.
    Got up to the room and there was rubbish still in the press from past guests, stains on the floor and the most uncomfortable pillows you could imagine.

    In 7% of cases stain from is used
    I couldn't figure out for a long time how to remove ink stains from white leather.
    However, if the body or dress is stained from a wound within the mouth or nose then he/she can offer prayers despite the blood.

    In 5% of cases stain by is used
    The typical caseating granulomas and acid-fast bacilli (AFB) stained by Ziehl-Neelsen are present in less than 30% of cases.

    In 5% of cases stain in is used
    Rebellion in the north stains in the blue sky.
    The nicotine from smoking causes stains in the teeth and leaves dark spots on the teeth.

    In 2% of cases stain for is used
    The diagnosis is by demonstration of typical CMV inclusion bodies by routine histologic examination, culture, staining for CMV antigen, or DNA 25.

    In 2% of cases stain like is used
    There are also cleaners for acid stains like an ammonia solution.

    In 2% of cases stain of is used
    Some of the common problems That are faced regarding Teeth are staining of the teeth, yellowing or browning of the teeth, bad breath and so on.

    In 2% of cases stain over is used
    The only down side is that the adhesive that attaches them to your teeth can stain over time (especially if you're a smoker or enjoy dark coloured drinks like coffee, cola or red wine).

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