Prepositions after "spray"

"spray with" or "spray on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases spray with is used
    spray with the hose then pat dry with toilet paper.
    Then place the stencil and spray with the background colour.
    The people who were sprayed with the chemicals were treated at the scene.
    If you want to spray with custom colours, then you have to first mix your assorted spray paints.
    Never run or play on lawns or go into the garden if they have recently been sprayed with pesticides.
    If thieves try to break in, they will be sprayed with an invisible liquid which can not be washed off.
    After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result - all the monkeys are sprayed with cold water.
    A few doors down, her neighbour's truck has a shattered windshield and the garage door is sprayed with bullet holes.
    Our food is grown with artificial chemicals and sprayed with chemicals, it has not the same value than organic food.
    Then there are some cases in which the refrigerant is, in effect, the medium such as immersion or spray with liquid nitrogen.

    In 23% of cases spray on is used
    Water being sprayed on the head 2.
    It is sprayed on the head and grows hair back over six months.
    May fragrance be sprayed on the hair? Only freshly-shampooed hair.
    One of the famous usages of the airbrush is art sprayed on clothing.
    The water is used to spray on devotees and any objects considered worthy of Blessing.
    Naturally this object of affection wouldn't fancy them in they pong a bit, so they spray on the sprtiz and ' get the girl '.
    By intelligently targeting pesticides and herbicides, farmers can sharply reduce the amount of petrochemicals sprayed on their fields.
    I got sprayed on April 3rd, but I think I found either a dead one or a cast skin, I'd not sure, so I am afraid they are still mobile/ alive, some of them.
    I had bought some liquid miracle-maker that I had decided to spray on every single album, and to expedite the process had covered the lounge floor with naked vinyl albums.
    This was a serious nuisance for people trying to keep their premises clean, and many local governments spent money to have water sprayed on streets to reduce the clouds of dust.

    In 6% of cases spray at is used
    Also make sure you are spraying at the right time so that the chemical will be effective in controlling the pest.
    A few hours earlier, Kasondra Haubert admitted she sprayed at a group of neighbors, including Baker's family, when confronted about pushing a kid sitting on the stairs.

    In 5% of cases spray onto is used
    They have tiny nozzles through which ink is sprayed onto the paper when you print.
    As in, a paint that can be sprayed onto almost any surface, that holds and discharges energy.
    Easy to apply, Listex is sprayed onto the surface of food products during processing, killing Listeria without any sensory or other effects.
    What happened next was that some water, splashed by me, sprayed onto the web, a spider leaped out of the tunnel, and I very nearly fell out of the shower.

    In 4% of cases spray into is used
    The dosage that is required should be sprayed into the mouth while you inhale air.

    In 3% of cases spray in is used
    If chemicals and/or heavy metals are being sprayed in the atmosphere, it should be easy enough to apply the scientific method, as some have apparently done in the video.

    In 3% of cases spray like is used
    Water is being sprayed like mad on the fields behind this house.

    In 1% of cases spray except is used
    On these rare occasions, the body area was sprayed except for the head and neck (the ears being protected by plastic bags).

    In 1% of cases spray from is used
    The nozzle cap allowed only one spray from a hole open for observation, while it bypassed other sprays from four holes without disturbing injection performance.
    Example 6 To investigate the internal structure of transient diesel sprays from a five-hole VCO nozzle, a Bosch common-rail injection system equipped with a CP3 pump was used.

    In 1% of cases spray over is used
    Defoliants, including Agent Orange, were stored in the central city of Danang, before being aerially sprayed over forests.

    In 1% of cases spray such is used
    Steer clear of gas centered cleansers and also sprays such as the ones you employ for furnishings.

    In 1% of cases spray throughout is used
    First, the robotic distributers of poison gases will be sprayed throughout the land.

    In 1% of cases spray towards is used
    It shows alarm as a white smoke is sprayed towards the crowd.

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