Prepositions after "splurge"

splurge on, for, at, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 78% of cases splurge on is used
    splurge on a couples spa treatment.
    Or sometimes you want to splurge on a steak that's thicker.
    They're what I splurge on every now and then in the checkout line.
    Lorraine, splurge on yourself and get seasons one and two of Downton Abbey.
    In these harsh economic times, splurging on a wedding in the name of love is the privilege of a select few.
    But I've just been out and about recently and I noticed that I splurged on drugstore makeup a couple of days ago.
    It's just that after splurging on my first weekly grocery post we found it hard to finish all the stuff we bought.
    After snorkelling and kayaking around Roatan's West Beach, splurge on a visit to the Unesco-listed Archaeological Park of Copn; entry is US$15.
    It would also go well with grilled steak or rack of lamb, and at a price point of $15 for the wine, you can afford to splurge on your butcher's best.
    No more were the days we could splurge on ice cream -- better known as full retail price, or choose the alfalfa sprouts, aka budget-healthy clearance pricing with a side of no regrets.

    In 4% of cases splurge at is used
    Scarlett Johansson was recently snapped getting intimate with needle and wool, while Uma Thurman has also been spotted splurging at a Los Angeles knitting supply shop.

    In 4% of cases splurge in is used
    This is not the sort of bloke who went out and splurged in the boom.

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