Prepositions after "spit"

"spit on" or "spit in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases spit on is used
    They had been required to spit on the cross.
    He said: ' I felt myself being attacked and I spat on my aggressor.
    Yet, leaving a church you were born into feels like spitting on God.
    Ok, Jacques Ellul is not a ' fascist'or ' prat ' and I did not seek to spit on his name.
    In various incidents, he spat on cars, threatened drivers and yelled obscenities at them.
    He attempted to wipe the windscreen of a motorist, who refused, and he spat on the windscreen.
    After months of plotting, his original plan having been foiled, he finally just goes outside and spits on the other kid.
    Both I Am Legend (2007) and the upcoming I spit on Your Rave are based on the idea that zombies are due to attack this year.
    This is how you offer thanksgiving to God, by abusing and verbally spitting on one who Jesus thought worthy of dying for.

    In 17% of cases spit in is used
    spit in the manager's face 316.
    Do not spit in gatherings nor clean your nose.
    There are times I feel like all this effort is akin to spitting in the ocean.
    I hope the editors die in state funded nursing homes run by brown people who hate them and spit in their food.
    I'd sick &; tired of these type of people spitting in the faces of our Brave Men &; Women in the Canadian Armed Forces.
    They came over my house and he asked me if he could have an empty cup, so he could spend the next two hours spitting in it.
    She also said he spit in her face, told her she was ugly and not bright and covered her face with a pillow when he wanted her to stop talking.

    In 14% of cases spit at is used
    If Creampuff spits at Sappa and runs off, she's pregnant.
    Hey Con Hee, you are such a devil, after watching the video i feel like spitting at you.
    He can not speak or communicate, and when he becomes agitated he spits at visitors, including his own sons.
    This included women being spat at, pushed and abused because they were easily identified as Muslim (wearing a hijab or shalwar-kameez).
    I think why did it happen to us? ' Her brother was called ' freak boy from the Ghost House ' and people would spit at him in the street.
    When you talk about justice to those who just desire power, domination and lust, they spit at you and start to slander you and even persecute you.
    Whom do you think that kind of money attracts? Let alone being hit, bitten, scratched, pinched, spat at etc included in the wage! Bonus! And then add in the families always viewing us as the enemy.

    In 9% of cases spit upon is used
    She would be spat upon and even beaten for representing the mother of an unworthy son.
    In one notorious incident, Cliff was spat upon by Rastafarian adherents during a 1975 concert in Kingston.
    The Buddha also explained to them that Suppabuddha was born a leper because, in one of his previous he had spat upon a paccekabuddha.
    But there they go, doing as they please while their extremely well-sprung and feared agencies are spat upon by the terrorists, and innocents like Malala are targeted.
    During the past few months I have read various reports in the press concerning British Jews being taunted, insulted, even spat upon and physically attacked, very often by Muslim youths.

    In 5% of cases spit with is used
    Alex is looking forward after very public spat with ex girlfriend Chantelle Houghton.
    He is a bully plain and simple, that was evident with the touchline spat with Mancini.
    Roxy Olin Roxy first appeared in The Hills as Stephanie Pratt's best friend who bitchily confronted Lauren Conrad over her spat with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.
    The controversial actor was fired from his role as Charlie Harper in the hit US sitcom after a public spat with producer Chuck Lorre, and increasingly erratic behaviour.

    In 2% of cases spit between is used
    Incidentally, the mini spat between Dar and Dhoni is exactly the sort of thing that DRS can reduce.
    But Crockatt appears to have been caught up in the boiling internal family spat between Alberta Red Tories -- epitomized by Premier Alison Redford -- and Blue Reform-leaning Conservatives.

    In 2% of cases spit into is used
    You might as well spit into the elements for communion.
    Paan/gutka stains and spitting into sand buckets are also issues that need immediate action.

    In 2% of cases spit of is used
    It's not long before a local strikes up a conversation with me, in between spits of his chewing tobacco.

    In 2% of cases spit onto is used
    What good's the countryside? Share this quote Withnail: spits onto the ground Jesus, look at that.

    In 2% of cases spit out is used
    And prog, thanks to the heroic efforts of the culture-gatekeepers, was deader than Elvis locked in King Tut's sarcophagus and spit out of an airlock.

    In 1% of cases spit under is used
    Outside, the inch thick force-shield around it blistered, crackled and spat under the barrage of a dozen 30-Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon Cannon, and looked as if it wouldn't be around for long.

    In 1% of cases spit around is used
    The Paan tree, probably most known for the red stuff men chew and spit around Asia, has a pretty special leaf.

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