Prepositions after "spearhead"

"spearhead by" or "spearhead of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases spearhead by is used
    The Malaysian side, spearheaded by national head coach Datuk K.
    The Liberals spearheaded by Franco moving to oppose any progressive policy pursued by Lugo.
    This exciting new development is spearheaded by a number of volunteer centres across Canada.
    It took state-sponsored violence during the civil rights protests, spearheaded by loyalists of course, to rouse the IRA.
    But there is now an enormous amount of research spearheaded by the behavioral genetics revolution suggesting that that is not true.
    The gargantuan preparations made towards the conference, spearheaded by Nana Odeneho Osei Kwabena of Columbus, yielded great fruits.
    However, the affected parties, spearheaded by trade unions, staged wide-scale protests effectively halting the government in its tracks.
    Back then in 2008, mainstream theatrical releases in London spearheaded by films like ' The Mirror Boy ' was not what Nollywood films did.
    Other Developments: Putting R &; B, Soul and Funk in Context During the mid sixties, the British beat boom, spearheaded by the Beatles, took America by storm.
    Zenit were spearheaded by their attacking trio of Danny, Hulk and Alexander Kerzhakov and they started in a lively fashion, pinning CSKA back from the kick-off.

    In 16% of cases spearhead of is used
    Since its creation it has been at the spearhead of Zionist colonisation in Palestine.
    Pel won the World Cup on three occasions, each time as the spearhead of an exceptional team.
    Apple is the spearhead of the smartphone industry, so the media covers a lot of how their overseas factories operate.
    Steyn, the spearhead of South African pace attack, who is also the top ranked Test bowler in the world, has made it to the team for the fifth time in a row.
    This was also known as the Lance of Longinus and was reportedly the spearhead of the Roman centurion Longinus that was used to pierce the side of Jesus while on the cross.
    England have rested swing bowler and spearhead of their bowling attack Jimmy Anderson for the fixture, with seamers Steven Finn and Graham Onions expected to vie for the vacant spot.

    In 4% of cases spearhead in is used
    Freeman continues with the rise and decline of two schools of thought spearheaded in the 1930's by Moreno and lead by W.

    In 1% of cases spearhead ahead is used
    As far as West Indies? fast bowling attack is concerned, tear-away pacer Kemar Roach will be the spearhead ahead of Ravi Rampaul and Tino Best.

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