Prepositions after "spark"

spark by, in, from, with or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases spark by is used
    The rally was sparked by Wells Fargo &; Co.
    The warning was sparked by a strong earthquake Saturday night that shook off the west coast of Canada.
    The fire, possibly sparked by an electrical fault, jumped from building to building, whipped by gale-force winds.
    My academic interest in Buddhism was sparked by curiosity when reading a book The Quantum Theory of Life and Buddhism by Dr.
    Arizona's Big Canyon wildfire was sparked by lightning on October 14 th, forcing closure of trails in the Tonto National Forest.
    The two-day meeting of the 28-nation alliance marked a milestone in a war sparked by the September 11 attacks that has spanned three U.
    The early election followed an opposition walkout in Parliament, sparked by allegations that the government was interfering in the media.
    The fire burned 16,000 acres of subalpine fir in northwestern Idaho's steep terrain after being sparked by lightning in the previous month.
    Vaughan said that, before a frenzy of interest from potential casino developers was sparked by moves from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.
    The old guard may be shaking their heads and murmuring darkly about gaming of any system that tries to capture the web-chatter sparked by new research.

    In 13% of cases spark in is used
    Think about the major change you can spark in another person simply from being kind.
    Simultaneously, an impressive and very broad public debate was sparked in Israel regarding the importance and significance of included women in public decision-making bodies.

    In 6% of cases spark from is used
    It ended here, but a new journey sparked from this end, starting a new faith which changed the World.

    In 6% of cases spark with is used
    Wetjen had begun his career writing without electricity in a one-room Salem shack and now his imagination only sparked with the lights off.

    In 4% of cases spark for is used
    United have lacked that spark for the past 3 seasons or so, where they just look to be missing something.

    In 3% of cases spark into is used
    Once Chicharito gets his scoring boots back on and Kagawa sparks into life we'll be irresistible up front.
    Murray required physio treatment and limped through the first set before sparking into life and winning in four, that.

    In 1% of cases spark after is used
    The incident was sparked after Lowe and the baby's father, Wesley Earls, 26, shouted abuse at Mr Nisar.

    In 1% of cases spark at is used
    It's better to participate at a level that is appropriate for the moment - a level that will be in flux - than expect that I can put sparking at the same level of priority every single day.

    In 1% of cases spark following is used
    I am not suggesting that there should be a formal post-publication procedure but that we find means to capture the activity and interest that is sparked following publication.

    In 1% of cases spark of is used
    What country are we leaving in??? WW II? Or BN will spark of the WW III They can't see why they are losing battles.

    In 1% of cases spark on is used
    In New Mexico's Carson National Forest, the Midnight wildfire sparked on October 23 rd and burned over 360 acres of timber and grass east of Taos.

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