Prepositions after "socialize"

socialize with, in, during, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases socialize with is used
    socialize with more woman that actually prefer men.
    Some people play to socialize with friends and strangers.
    Don't try to fit your homework around socializing with friends.
    Get them time to play and socialize with other kids, which is important for their daily growth.
    Perhaps it is to meet 3 new people a day or find the right crowd to socialize with within a month.
    I like socializing with different people from different places without giving attention on differences.
    He socialized with his companions as one of them: talking, listening, smiling and displaying a sense of humor.
    socialize with your couple friends at parties where there will be other people and who knows maybe you'll even meet the right guy there.
    For example, the friend was not expected to leave if another guest arrived, as one of the functions of the tea was to socialize with a group of friends.
    I've lived overseas for some time now and don't use the word mate that much as I socialize with many different nationalities so it is not a relevant word.

    In 8% of cases socialize in is used
    We also don't prefer to socialize in small groups.
    I did not mean socialize in a sort of party way, sorry to disappoint some of you.

    In 4% of cases socialize during is used
    The leopard Leopards live a solitary life and socialize during mating season only.

    In 4% of cases socialize for is used
    Walking through Old Chinatown Central Plaza we crossed paths with some of the event organizers at Via Caf, and stopped to socialize for a bit before heading home.

    In 4% of cases socialize on is used
    We are being socialized on these models.

    In 2% of cases socialize after is used
    They stay home too, for they are in no mood to go out and socialize after their weary trip home from work.

    In 2% of cases socialize at is used
    Catherine will serve some five thousand men who socialize at the facility and scores of groomsmen, jockeys and other employees at the track.

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