Prepositions after "socialise"

"socialise with" or "socialise in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases socialise with is used
    They socialise with bankers and rely on their donations.
    Good Friends -- I love to get together and socialise with good friends.
    This gave plenty of time for her to socialise with the BookCrossers at the event.
    As you go further out, the amount of time you spend socialising with those people declines.
    Red colobus monkeys seem particularly friendly and even socialise with members of different species, such as guenons.
    A silver lining is that many of the rural students gain composure within a span of a year and start socialising with their classmates really well.
    He said the couple objected to their daughter socialising with girls from the white community, wearing western clothes and having contact with boys.
    It was bad enough socialising with them but to share their food was unthinkable; they were unclean and one became unclean by sitting at the same table with them.
    With 25 regions from around the world taking part, you could be in with a chance of meeting and socialising with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

    In 17% of cases socialise in is used
    The single fatal blow was struck after a row broke out between two groups of young men who had been out socialising in the nearby Barcode night club.
    I have over all these years, only had one objective in this case, an objective I made perfectly clear to George when he and I use to socialise in London.

    In 3% of cases socialise among is used
    socialising among crowds of people remains hard.

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