Prepositions after "soak"

soak in, into, to, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases soak in is used
    Amelie is a film soaked in romance.
    His families blood is soaked in the field.
    Inside, there's foam soaked in nail polish remover.
    To prepare a zeolite for water treatment, they are soaked in concentrated NaCl solution.
    Go Into Production Kick up your feet, relax, and soak in the plaudits for a job well done.
    Once on the safari just soak in all the birdcalls and become one with the whole environment.
    While the world soaks in the Olympic spirit, India's role has been that of the enthusiastic spectator on the margins.
    The boardwalk and steps were soaked in places by the brook in its frantic effort to get out into the sunlight again.
    To add a further twist, I have used French brioche as the bread base that soaks in the vanilla and mascarpone custard.
    This whole process was soaked in hope and positivity as people thought about what might be possible in their locality.

    In 9% of cases soak into is used
    Wash your car on the grass so the water soaks into the ground.
    This way, the medication will soak into the cells of your lungs.
    Oil leaked out of the tank, staining the supports and soaking into the ground below.
    Just cream, cream soaking into the cones, cream dribbling over my hands and down my arms.
    Allow the stain to soak into the wood for five minutes and then wipe it off with a clean rag.
    Reapply after half an hour to ensure an even coating soaks into the skin, and then follow the instructions on the container.
    Mushroom fricassee &; poached egg on brioche toast was good, but needed a sturdier base as the fricassee soaked into the brioche making it a bit of a wet meal.
    I used a heat gun to heat my pieces of wood before applying glue, then heated it again before squeezing the parts together to make sure the glue soaked into the wood.

    In 5% of cases soak to is used
    I was soaked to the core and shivering from wind gusts.
    The wind and rain was intense and I was soaked to the core.
    Believe the couple, by now soaked to the skin, sing their day as if dry, as if sheltered inside Castle Ewen.
    Within seconds we were soaked to the skin without caring -- six inches off the ground at 30kph one has more immediate priorities -- staying on board the ' train ' for example.
    Re: The Future of ITM, what are your predictions I hate to break it to you mehitabel23, but some of us old codgers are soaked to the bones in the best preservative yet invented.

    In 5% of cases soak with is used
    Place final layer and soak with syrup.
    Frankly though I think you'll need to soak with Fissurectomy so unfortunately you may have to do it separately.
    Place in the centre of the pan the first joconde layer cut side up (there was a little dome on top which I trimmed off) and soak with syrup (soak now, not brush).

    In 4% of cases soak for is used
    Mix seeds to assure even water contact and soak for 6-12 hours.
    Sliding into a sitz bath and soaking for ten minutes a few times a day is suggested.
    Allow the remover to soak for at least an hour to fully penetrate and soften the dried adhesive.
    I will break down the 4 easy steps for you, OK? Place cranberries and sultanas in a glass bowl and pour port over it, allow to soak for a couple of hours.

    In 2% of cases soak from is used
    Everyone got absolutely soaked from this vantage point, but it was well worth it.

    In 1% of cases soak about is used
    I let the bread soak about 1 min each side and then cooked it up.
    To get started, soak about a tablespoon of seeds in water overnight.

    In 1% of cases soak through is used
    An oily rash of sweat had soaked through my pillow and into the mattress.

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