Prepositions after "smother"

"smother in" or "smother by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases smother in is used
    Chips with mayo Amsterdam, 1997, staring at a plate of chips smothered in mayonnaise.
    It was in the White Garden, standing about 6? tall and was smothered in flowers -- stunning.
    Since the tender boneless pork is smothered in it, there's no chance of getting away with this love affair.
    The best part? It comes smothered in rich chocolate icing so you? ll never have to fight over that corner piece.
    My future food fantasy is to get a Burrito Supreme, smothered in enchilada sauce, from Sagebrush Cantina back home.
    The ambience is amazing -- as were the enormous slabs of apple strudel smothered in vanilla sauce that Sven ordered up.
    What in the world could be better than a cafe au lait and a pile of fried dough smothered in powdered sugar? Seriously.
    This spider, which may have been waiting patiently for hours to capture some prey, was smothered in resin just a split second before its attack.
    These ranged from the hexagonal ones of Germanic origin to the gladiatorial type, produced in a wide variety of styles and smothered in decoration.
    They're wearing quite thick clothing (the woman also wears smearproof makeup, because her pillows and sheets are pristine white) and are smothered in a duvet.

    In 17% of cases smother by is used
    Ignoring warnings not to open it, Mosec looked inside, whereupon all were smothered by a sandstorm.
    Whatever else happens, each of us is about to be smothered by an avalanche of propaganda designed to secure our vote.
    A tempting narrative now lurks in every journalist's keyboard: the idealism of 2011 has been smothered by the realpolitik of 2012.
    Here I was, about 23 or 24 years old, crying and praying in the bed for a straight half hour, feeling smothered by something I can't adequately describe.

    In 8% of cases smother to is used
    Sources state that Home Office pathologists are also looking for evidence that Mr Williams was smothered to death, a method that can leave no trace and is extremely hard to detect.

    In 3% of cases smother on is used
    Maggio blasted over from a promising position and Mbaye Niang tested De Sanctis from distance, then El Shaarawy had his toe-poke smothered on the counter.

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