Prepositions after "smoke"

smoke in, for, at, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 44% of cases smoke in is used
    One in four people smoke in Ireland.
    HK Magazine: You're not allowed to smoke in here.
    smoking in stable areas should be actively discouraged.
    The importance of dampers preventing spread of fire or smoke in AC ducting is emphasized.
    She could see her stepsisters drinking and smoking in the far corner with and looking on.
    Now in college, Bea Donoso, who originally is from Spain, started smoking in high school.
    If you smoke, and the driver does n't, expect to not smoke in their car and expect them not to stop for a smoke break.
    Never allow anyone to smoke in the home of an asthmatic, and consider using plastic to cover your mattress and pillows.
    It must not be safe, right? People could have disease! You never know what they might be smoking in their spare time.
    And because the car is a confined space, smoking in the car exposes children to high concentrations of second-hand smoke.

    In 9% of cases smoke for is used
    There are signs asking us to refrain from smoking for this gig.
    So, if you stop smoking for about a day before the test then it will never be seen.
    Gu et al 13 reported that white adults with CYP2A6*2 alleles smoked for a shorter duration and were 1.
    Specialists have proved that omission smoking if sitting from smoking for four hours it hurt as much as if ten cigarettes smoked.
    If you have been smoking for a long time, you may want to take a hard look at the damages nicotine may cause to your personality.
    Having stopped smoking for the good of her baby, Siobhan says returning to cigarettes is no longer an option that she would even entertain.
    To add a doctor told me once that if you do smoke and have smoked for a number of years, cut down but don't stop, because that's when the problems start.
    Rather than such products, it is better to buy and use the ones that are manufactured by honest firms who've been researching and working on methods to quit smoking for ages.
    Rather than such products, its better to buy and use the ones that are manufactured by honest companies who've been researching and working on methods to quit smoking for ages.
    Well duhhh of course they had brain damage they breathed nothing but smoke for 5 whole mins! i do nt care how good of lungs u have breathing smoke for that long will have servier damage.

    In 8% of cases smoke at is used
    At first he replied that he wasn't smoking at that exact moment.
    Sharon started smoking at the 14 and only briefly gave up when she was pregnant.
    While you will see smoking at some drinking establishments and restaurants, and foreigners.
    Yet a ban on smoking at public transport waiting areas, ie train platforms and bus stops is all that is needed.
    It was large and orange - as big as the tip of a cigarette would be, if someone were stood next to you smoking at night.
    Of the cohort who were smoking at baseline, 28% reported they had quit smoking at a one year follow up and 5% had been quit for an entire year.
    More specifically, the stage of smoking at which slow nicotine inactivation might begin to confer an advantage with respect to quitting should be determined.
    Avoid Drinking Alcohol and smoking at This Time smoking and drinking alcohol is always injurious to health but you should always remember that it is fatal at the time of pregnancy.

    In 6% of cases smoke with is used
    And if you do not smoke with good things it of all evils.
    Every evening Alipati used to come and have a talk and smoke with me.
    In one chapter, she gives birth and holds the newborn with one hand, while she smokes with the other, in the hospital bed.
    Smooth, creamy, rich and lightly smoked with what I suspect was the flavour of bacon, it was the perfect accompaniment (and saviour) to the veal.
    To replace the practice of smoking with a rather more helpful habit, I succeeded in my attempts to give up by taking up exercise and improving my diet habits.
    In this ad, like the remake of the Marlboro Man that we discussed in Chapter 1, the equation of cigarette smoking with sexuality and virility is reversed to connote impotence.
    Hence your 4th, and maybe the most significant, key's to replace the unacceptable habit of smoking with a good habit-which is what the final trick to giving up smoking cold turkey is about.
    Soft, achingly tender, moist and wonderfully infused with a good dose of citrus, it went perfectly well with the crumble and milk ice cream, which has interestingly been smoked with charcoal.

    In 5% of cases smoke on is used
    The damaging results of smoking on health are fairly well known.
    In 2007, the government banned tobacco advertising and showing people smoking on TV and in movies.
    What he must do and what he must not do 1) A donor must avoid smoking on the day in which he donates his blood.
    But imagining myself smoking on a freezing windy balcony helped! I definitely got this feeling when I went back to school.
    Skully What have you been smoking on that short bus? A 600 MB app? A 2G app??? And this is? Most apps I download are between 1MB-40MB.

    In 3% of cases smoke as is used
    This is as true for stop smoking as it is for every other factor of your life.
    Researchers estimate on the basis of these figures that 400,000 people quit smoking as a result of the ban.
    Frankly I think people choosing not to wear a helmet is up there with smoking as a brilliant example of Darwinism.
    Father we bind the spirit of bhang smoking as well as the use of other intoxicants which are repulsive in your face.
    smoking as for me is not a vice, it's a vitamin that provides me lots of brilliant ideas if my brain becomes vacuous.
    Since, is absolutely some thing to look about! If you are putting off giving up smoking as a result of worries about putting on weight, in no way fear.

    In 3% of cases smoke by is used
    The anti-smoking pressure group ASH said that further action was necessary to curb smoking by young people.

    In 2% of cases smoke during is used
    She continued to smoke during Ben's childhood, even after Ben was diagnosed with asthma at three years old.
    The number of cigarettes smoked during the week preceding questionnaire administration was measured in a seven day recall.
    Even after a range of other risk factors which contribute to miscarriage were taken into account, such as smoking during pregnancy and maternal diabetes, the risk was still higher.

    In 2% of cases smoke from is used
    smoke from factories and heating plants, winds blowing in from the Gobi Desert and fumes from millions of vehicles can combine to blanket the city in this pungent shroud for days.

    In 2% of cases smoke like is used
    smoking like drinking should be banned in public.
    The aging Argentineans looked sluggish in the second half against USA and got smoked like a cheap cigar.

    In 1% of cases smoke within is used
    Non smoking Can be either ensuite or non-ensuite but do not allow smoking within the confines of the building.

    In 1% of cases smoke after is used
    My mother gave up smoking after 55 years of two packs a day, unfiltered 20 mg heavy hitters.
    That's her avatar, right? I suspected most politicians are smoking after listening to promises they've made in the past year or so.
    I've stopped smoking after 20 years -- cold turkey and what keeps me going is the determination and will power created by the fact that i want to stop my addictive habits.

    In 1% of cases smoke rather is used
    This is really important because rather than perpetuate the myths, you wind up getting the information that you need to help you to quit smoking rather than information that hinders your success.

    In 1% of cases smoke over is used
    Don't plan to give up smoking over night.
    He ordered coffee and lit a cigarette -- the first of a stream he would smoke over the next hour.

    In 1% of cases smoke around is used
    If the copper is employed in order to smoke around the oven, homework is required to maintain the copper outside thoroughly clear.
    smoking around the toddler is also bad for his health as it increases their chances of developing respiratory problems such as asthma.

    In 1% of cases smoke among is used
    Our observation of a lower prevalence of smoking among parents of slow inactivators is consistent with this reasoning.
    The prevalence of smoking among parents of subjects with at least one copy of inactive CYP2A6 variants was notably lower than among parents of other subjects.

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