Prepositions after "smite"

"smite with" or "smite by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases smite with is used
    I'd so totally smitten with him.
    The star is absolutely smitten with her beau and her brood also seems to approve of him.
    Neither seems to be smitten with the other but may settle as it is the best each can do.
    We hope readers will give this destination a chance too and be smitten with what it has to offer.
    He's smitten with her, and how! He loves her, yes, but is it true love or cupboard love? She fell for him, hard.
    Hopelessly smitten with a friend of mine, she wasn't exactly the person who will appear on your radar at first glance.
    It's one of the reasons I am smitten with coffeehouses; the people who work or hang out there are always involved in something intriguing.
    His is not a critique smitten with the omnipotence of power so as to have no hope in the agency and resilience of people, and no room for resistance.

    In 34% of cases smite by is used
    And he seems to be smitten by me.
    Other parties were not smitten by similar reticence.
    His son was immediately smitten by the spectacle and drama.
    Over the past year I have been totally smitten by this guy.
    Malbec was quite smitten by the Tannat, a grape varietal I'd not tried before.
    Rodgers turned on his radio one day and was smitten by a strange, tuneless thumping sound that appeared to be coming from its speakers.
    Flowery descriptions abound of this? land of high passes? in numerous books and reports written by visitors smitten by its rugged beauty and charm.
    Grown-ups certainly noticed, while her tweenage fans were instantly smitten by her trailer-park glamour, even if they were only dimly aware of the nuances at work.

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