Prepositions after "smell"

"smell like" or "smell of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases smell like is used
    It usually just smells like pee.
    The room smells like old wood and coconuts.
    Marvin At least they don't smell like you two.
    Once the sauted veggies look and smell like heaven, dump it in the pot with the barley.
    One thing, if you didn't cook correctly, you could be smelling like a mobile kitchen.
    The whole place smelled like a swimming baths as there was powerful stench of chlorine.
    Cards fans repeatedly parrot this line despite being told that they smell like the carpeting in a fraternity house.
    Spending an entire day sticky, muddy and smelling like vegetable soup was quite the dark night (day) of the soul for her.
    Most of the odor removing purifiers use carbon filters that works to remove bad smells like that of pets, chemical or smoke.
    I think they smell like hamsters! The sleepy cows in the country park are soporifically docile and are even-more so at night.

    In 25% of cases smell of is used
    It smells of colonial arrogance.
    You deserve a man who smells of books.
    In the night my boy's room smelled of boy.
    In short, it just smells of PR spin on behalf of the Glazers, though I could be wrong.
    This will sound strange but I swear the pram smelled of new car when I opened the box.
    He wrote several books including Sykes of Sebastopol Terrace, UFO's Are Coming Wednesday and smelling of Roses.
    Her arms were round his neck, her face was next to his, her lips were an inch away, smelling of Armagnac and chili.
    It smells of an expensive gravy train gone very wrong to a lot of people locally who will be forced to look at it forever more.
    As recovering drinkers they could not go in smelling of drink or pretending they were very unwell when obviously they were neither.

    In 3% of cases smell from is used
    How can we get ahead with this sort of inept management? fish smells from its head #1 08:19 am Mar 08 2012 as they say the fish starts smelling from its head.
    How can we get ahead with this sort of inept management? fish smells from its head #1 08:19 am Mar 08 2012 as they say the fish starts smelling from its head.

    In 2% of cases smell in is used
    When an attack is smelled in advance, even then the required security is not provided.
    Hawes knew that the sights, sounds and smells in a surgical ward would provide a searching test.
    I like to do the same with food, there is so much contrast in flavour and texture and smell in our food that we forget about and.

    In 2% of cases smell on is used
    Therefore, if a person is on medication it can influence the way a favorite fragrance smells on the skin.
    Also, pick a body spray, aftershave, deodorant and/or cologne that you love to smell on him and lay all this out for him when he arrives.

    In 2% of cases smell to is used
    This is a cardinal sin that smells to High Heaven.
    However, panicking before an election when you're down in the polls smells to high heaven.
    Bacon is quite disgusting smelling to me however wholesome the pig was reared and slaughtered.
    The famous Aussie b****it detectors are set to high sensitivity, and the AGW campaign is smelling to high heaven.

    In 1% of cases smell after is used
    I even looked foward to driving a car that didn ’ t smell after having the injector seals done and imagined actually that i would be reservedly happy with the car, but I can ’ t now.

    In 1% of cases smell with is used
    I was getting all forms of colored discharge and masking smells with baby powder.

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