Prepositions after "smear"

"smear with" or "smear on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 40% of cases smear with is used
    They saw that he was smeared with blood, and that most of his bowels were protruding.
    These photos were likely exposed onto glass, smeared with a photo sensitive emulsion.
    We are left with a cadaver, brightly rouged and smeared with lipstick to simulate life.
    The inside rim of the tank should be smeared with a 2 inch wide band of Vaseline to prevent escape.
    First line the tin carefully with the silicone paper or with greaseproof paper smeared with butter.
    Their earlobes were stretched with elaborate earrings, and their braided hair was smeared with red ochre.
    The luxurious furs that had previously covered the cradle lay scattered nearby, torn to shreds and smeared with blood.
    Within hours of the massacre being reported, a cartoon by Martin Rowson in the Guardian depicted Assad with his mouth and face smeared with the blood of children.
    And now, his face flushed with struggling and smeared with mud from the stableyard, his nose bleeding and his forehead exhibiting a growing bump, he looked particularly repellent.

    In 21% of cases smear on is used
    Someone said it was funny that the kids saw their mother smeared on the wall and everyone cracked up.
    On the other hand, one type of jam is smeared on a plate and served with the rest of the items for breakfast.
    The by-products of the animals - skin and hides - are used as bedding while cow dung is used for building (it is smeared on the walls).
    Nevertheless this is a very welcome gift and I can see myself enjoying it for months to come! Here it is smeared on my mug along with a lick of Barry M's liquid eyeliner in LE3.

    In 7% of cases smear across is used
    There was blood smeared across the floor, colouring the sawdust which lay there.

    In 5% of cases smear at is used
    The difference is that being smeared at RC can probably end a career or at least stunt it, particularly for young people.
    Things can be taken out of context and careers are always at stake in a field like climate science where the danger of being smeared at Real Climate or at some skeptical blogs is always real.

    In 5% of cases smear in is used
    I look at my nine-month-old child, with his face smeared in organic butternut squash and prunes, and suspect that I have been sucked into a great middle-class con trick.

    In 5% of cases smear over is used
    A red liquid was smeared over the lips.

    In 5% of cases smear to is used
    Hair oil was smeared to an extent where holding the doll by its hair was a task to be rewarded.

    In 2% of cases smear by is used
    Because of that link, I fully expect to be smeared by the brainless, lying teapartiers.

    In 2% of cases smear from is used
    Stereo gold label versions are badly rechanneled, with a watery echo that smears from center to left soundstage, and all else slighly right.

    In 2% of cases smear like is used
    I took down &; apart the large mirror over the couch which had a little spot on it's backing that smeared like charcoal.

    In 2% of cases smear onto is used
    Herbs are positioned with tweezers; sauces are smeared onto plates with paintbrushes.

    In 2% of cases smear through is used
    I would have thought that after seeing his main fighter suffer from having his name smeared through nothing more than wild accusations from a rival, he would be a little more careful with his words.

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