Prepositions after "skew"

skew in, by, towards, to or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases skew in is used
    Table 4 is better, but still skewed in favor of (bio) gas.
    Anything on this list about drugs s obviously skewed in the direction of anti drugs.
    This standard is heavily skewed in favour of any public organisation wishing to build a road.
    University enrollment is most skewed in favour of women in the Arts Faculties at 78-80% of enrollments.
    The percentage of girls to boys in senior secondary school enrollment in fact has now come to be skewed in favour of girls.
    They will also be able to explain why this ' group sex ' incident was very badly skewed in relation to gender representation.
    Supply and demand are heavily skewed in the favor of the buyer, with mobile rates averaging one-tenth the rate of desktop advertising.
    However, he also doesn't appear to put any stock into the idea that polls might be skewed in favor of Obama and other Democratic candidates.
    The Economic Evaluation Moel, which decides whether a road project is ' economic ' to build, is entirely skewed in support of roads over other forms of transport.

    In 25% of cases skew by is used
    Your basis for comparison to what you imagine could be is skewed by the bad memories of the past.
    The Hay Study is completely skewed by a couple of industries that have had substantial wage growth.
    I'd like to believe this, but it's more likely that Rubin's perspective is skewed by her far-right stance.
    The numbers are also skewed by a huge game on January 1, where he demolished Tampa Bay for 172 yards and 2 TD.
    This is the lowest year-on- year decline seen since June and the second lowest this year, although figures were skewed by an additional.
    If anything, this list is slightly skewed by the fact that the very best players usually win the first set, but it is an indication of their fighting spirit.

    In 16% of cases skew towards is used
    The demographics of the runners were largely skewed towards the youth, as were the volunteers.
    For example, currently the demographic in some countries is skewed towards an aging population.
    If your portfolio is skewed towards gold, it is better to sell and maintain gold's share at 5 to 10 percent.

    In 11% of cases skew to is used
    In Iraq, that ratio skewed to almost 1-1.
    A bit skewed to the spice and wood though.
    Political art (skewed to whatever message) always carries a social function.
    These checks revealed that scores for EATS-26 and BSQ-16 were skewed to the right.

    In 7% of cases skew against is used
    But we all know that implementation of law here is skewed against the poor.

    In 4% of cases skew on is used
    Wobbly out of focus camera work, skewed on an off screen.

    In 2% of cases skew toward is used
    To be clear -- boobs are welcome on Behance, but the site skews toward commercially viable work.

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