Prepositions after "shun"

shun by, for, to, away or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 67% of cases shun by is used
    Moreover, they will be shunned by family and friends.
    All the while he is shunned by his family and community.
    She is often shunned by her family members as a consequence.
    Occasions where I have used this have seen me shunned by all present to witness the move.
    For much of his rule he was shunned by the West, which accused him of links to terrorism and revolutionary movements.
    The Arab Spring has opened up many new possibilities for Hamas, which has long been shunned by the international community.
    Ironically, he was shunned by his Blues ' teammates ', and one story has it that the trainers of the time refused to rub him down.
    An unstable young boy, neglected and shunned by an alcoholic father and holier-than-thou community, goes insane with tragic consequences.
    Though he was shunned by the revolutionaries for his noble beginnings, his intelligence and courage earned him the respect of his compatriots.
    Perhaps what mostly struck me, was that here were true Catholics, yet they (and we) are shunned by the hierarchy of the Church and many of Her members.

    In 7% of cases shun for is used
    I was shunned for many years in a liberal community, because he was not out and it was all inconvenient.

    In 7% of cases shun to is used
    You need the millions of Pakistanis who were shunned to distant shores, many because of religious differences.
    Through advertising these teenagers believe that they need to look like a magazine cover and anyone not in that standing are shunned to the side.

    In 5% of cases shun away is used
    God knows when they will start to shun away from the attention that we so desire to lavish upon them.

    In 5% of cases shun from is used
    The study said selfish behavior can lead to an individual being shunned from the group and left -- literally -- on his or her own.

    In 2% of cases shun as is used
    Generation by generation, secular mindsets are becoming more and more prevalent and the Church shunned as a unifying catalyst.

    In 2% of cases shun out is used
    We were shunned out of a restaurant in Bari for being stupid foreigners.

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