Prepositions after "shrug"

"shrug off" or "shrug at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases shrug off is used
    His physicality also means that his hold up play is decent as he is not easily shrugged off the ball.
    O'Brien picks great lines and shrugs off the last gasp tackles of opposing players better than any flanker I watched in the 2010/11 season.
    She was lauded by her team-mates and the admiring and the slightly disbelieving Dutch amazed at how she could shrug off such a sickening blow.
    Of the three new premiership arrivals in the ongoing Mainland football league, Mgambo JKT has exhibited a superb performance to shrug off the underdog tag.
    The worst thing about the article is the shrugging off of, no actually erroneously using to argue the opposite of what it represents, a significant statistic.
    Mary's 22 before Noel Reid's long pass found Lett, who shrugged off Hudson's initial challenge and used his considerable strength to muscle over from eight metres out.
    shrugging off the risks, he told Pederson he couldn't abandon his mission, but that he expected to be found dead in the woods near his home in Oxfordshire, rather than in Iraq.

    In 6% of cases shrug about is used
    But I've gotten tired of shrugging about things that I actually think matter.

    In 6% of cases shrug of is used
    I just hope she shrugged of the beep as an impatient nutter and didn't let it dent her confidence further.
    Hearing the anger in his voice Helen desperately tried to calm herself as she shrugged of her blazer and placed it on an armchair to one side of the office.
    He shrugged off his blazer and placed it on the seat in front of him before going round the back and very reluctantly bending over to wait for the caning to start.

    In 3% of cases shrug among is used
    Regularly, all of us shrug among warning signs of an unhealthy partnership.

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