Prepositions after "seethe"

seethe with, in, about, under or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases seethe with is used
    The area, where the Sena headquarters is located, seethed with anger.
    The river seemed to be boiling white and seething with anger, due to fierce winds and rain.
    However at the end of the song, the audience learnt something that had everyone seething with applause.
    Gough Whitlam came close to being torn to pieces by a crowd of farmers in Perth in 1974 seething with anger and hatred.
    seething with anger, Senator Fasanmi declared that? nothing must happen to him Obasanjo, otherwise that would be the end of Nigeria.
    The North is said to be seething with rage that the position of Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has continued to elude them.
    Marlowe still seethes with the notion that the orphaned American should still wear Sir Francis ' most valuable legacy around his neck, while Nate is still haunted by her cruel words.
    If I did so in spite of being faced with somebody seething with vitriol who did not make an adequate attempt to counter my arguments, then I take that as a further point in my favour.
    The manicured and the non--manicured brides-to-be spoke -volumes about class and aspiration, about the suburbs that seethe with ambition and country houses stuffed with the idle and the noble.

    In 9% of cases seethe in is used
    But I also seethe in the knowledge that our society really hasn't changed since her tracks were written.

    In 6% of cases seethe under is used
    But seething under the surface was an intensity, a swirling were energy that spoke of apure blind rage and a tremendous power only just under control.

    In 3% of cases seethe after is used
    Then I think back to last August, when I sat on my sofa sulking and seething after the late sale of Mikel Arteta to Arsenal.

    In 3% of cases seethe on is used
    The FA are still seething on SAF and his additional comments on Scudamore and have punished us simple as.

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