Prepositions after "seep"

seep into, through, from, in or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases seep into is used
    Slowly, the reality seeps into consciousness.
    Maybe this is why it has started seeping into my dreams.
    The kind of cold that seeps into your bones and do not let go.
    Republicans pounced, amid early signs that the issue would seep into some state and congressional contests.
    Then mull over it, let it seep into your brain cells, and then scroll up until you see Cannanite post (sodomy).
    Barely perceptible tension seeps into the auditorium, seizing muscles and curling toes before an explosive climax.
    In recent years, Haiti has become a major drug-transit point, with some of the drugs seeping into Haitian society.
    A desperate pursuit of a goal had imminently faltered, why frustration seeped into Suarez's play late on in the game.
    I talk to empty-nesters and they let little tidbits of their lives seep into their conversation with you, the beleaguered parent.
    Simply boil 2-3 teaspoons of basil leaves in a cup of hot water and allow the basil leaf essence to seep into the water for 15 minutes.

    In 14% of cases seep through is used
    The sour acidic taste of bile seeps through the walls all night.
    But the water is not as dense, and seeps through the cracks unlike the oil.
    The smell of manure seeped through Fegan's anger and he writhed in an impossibly strong embrace.
    Over the winter he recorded this album and the cold of the Icelandic winter seeps through this beautiful album.
    They are compacted by the weight of sediments that collect above them and cemented by material dissolved in the water that seeps through them.
    The sand is buried under other sediments, compacted by the weight of those sediments, and cemented by material dissolved in water that seeps through it.
    Unfortunately, I would occasionally leave them out overnight and the spores would seep through the newspaper and permeate (and hideously stain) the table much to my mother-in-law's anger.

    In 8% of cases seep from is used
    He deals in a gentle throb, which ectoplasmically seeps from speakers, rather than thrusts itself at you.
    A lot of our natural exposure is due to radon, a gas which seeps from the Earth's crust and is present in the air we breathe.
    I've known about both situations for a while as the news has slowly seeped from their inner circles to their very outer ones, where I reside.
    Here, superheated water seeps from the Earth and mixes perfectly with the frigid Gardiner River -- you find your perfect temperature and let your cares evaporate.

    In 8% of cases seep in is used
    Too much reality seeps in whether we like it not.
    The movie is seeped in sharp and witty lines, and the comic timing between Miguel (Kenneth Branagh) and Tulio (Kevin Kline) is top-notch.
    To learn more about the creation and objectives of RMC, NAMMS and Centurion, please listen to the interview that Mamuta gave to seep in 2009.
    Miss Kitty is somewhere in the middle, and doing her thang? Have a balance, yes, but many of u have been seeped in too many Hollywood images.

    In 7% of cases seep out is used
    The history at Anfield seeps out of the stadium.
    But here he was at 8am, with sweat seeping out of his armpits.

    In 1% of cases seep about is used
    The car turning, falling plumping into a river on its side; himself trying to crawl through a window as the water seeped about his body.

    In 1% of cases seep off is used
    When I sleep the room creeps up on me, the slimy sensation seeping off the walls and flooding my nose.

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