Prepositions after "scout"

scout for, by, in, about or around?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases scout for is used
    Our next task was to scout for a site for a new Rural Health Unit tent in Nawazabad.
    While scouting for locations in Japan, the chief production team was nearly killed.
    Employment staffs look into everything when scouting for the appropriate candidate.
    When scouting for wedding favors, they ought to written to them using icing look just perfectly.
    LeapFrog has roped in Bangalore-based advisory firm Unitus Capital to help them scout for deals in India.
    So I went to Prague, put myself up in a hotel, met a co-producer and went location scouting for ten days.
    Minions to scout for new stock and connect with customers on the sale floor would certainly grow our business.
    The greatest concern you deal with when scouting for these kind of glass windows, is discovering the right company to fit them of your stuff.
    This passion and leadership are qualities Fergie craves when scouting for talent and was more than pleased to beat rivals Liverpool to the signing of Jones.
    She was promptly scouted for modelling, walking for designers such as Allegra Hicks at London Fashion Week, and becoming one of the faces of Nicola Roberts ' personal make-up brand.

    In 11% of cases scout by is used
    I had been scouted by Oldham Ahtletic, then in the Premier League.
    Reportedly being scouted by Liverpool after scoring an 11-minute hat-trick against VVV Venlo on his Eredivisie debut.
    She was accepted at King's College London to read English, but was scouted by a modelling agency before attending, and chose to pursue modelling for a while instead.

    In 3% of cases scout about is used
    scouting about the atlas this year I came across Puerto Rico, an unusual hybrid of Latin charm and US infrastructure (being as it is de facto territory of the United States).

    In 3% of cases scout with is used
    Mostly, I love to scout with a Director or creatives to collaborate on their vision.

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