Prepositions after "saturate"

"saturate with" or "saturate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases saturate with is used
    My life was saturated with Parsis.
    My dreams are saturated with images and symbols.
    The whole show is saturated with the glamour of New York.
    The total pressure of the gas, which is saturated with water vapour, is found to be 98.
    All three are saturated with articles concerning the goings on of Romney, Obama, the DNC and RNC.
    The air itself lies like impenetrable smoke over the marshes, as if saturated with evil and disaster.
    It's no surprise really -- we live in a world saturated with information, and many of us are in total overwhelm.
    The water of the well is so heavily saturated with minerals that items left in it, turn to stone in no time at all.
    Myspace earned itself a reputation for being saturated with rubbish, and it'll take a lot to win people's trust back.
    But then again, Britain is so saturated with both legal and illegal immigrants that the very word ' culture ' is ceasing to exist.

    In 29% of cases saturate in is used
    I suspect that Gen Y and X is nearly saturated in US, thus.
    Our country is saturated in blood Increase your fire, son of Canaan.
    saturated in red, the colour pervades the film's look at every turn.
    For example, 20-mm-thick stucco that is subject to continuous wetting will saturate in two days.
    With unstoppable energy, its poems saturated in acetylcholine, The Rest of the Voyage lights up our.
    In the retail division, the advanced economy markets of Japan and Europe were already saturated in terms of wool consumption.
    Having been saturated in my professional life with virtualization for about 5 years now, the exaggerations in this article are borderline poor.
    saturated in her philosophy, the new right on both sides of the Atlantic continues to demand the rollback of the state, even as the wreckage of that policy lies all around.
    It was easy to understand why Seattle was chosen as a suitable translation for the Danish gloom of The Killing, a television series saturated in weather, hooded coats and crumbling human geology.

    In 2% of cases saturate for is used
    You could add therapy concerning a incredibly hot sitz bath combined with saturate for 20 models.

    In 2% of cases saturate from is used
    The ground will be saturated from the earlier rains and then a persistent atmosphere river just stays over us.

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