Prepositions after "sack"

"sack by", "sack for" or "sack from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 22% of cases sack by is used
    The monastery was thereafter sacked by English troops.
    He's been out of a job since he was sacked by Inter a couple of seasons ago and a top quality manager like him deserves a top job because of what he achieved here.
    Coyle, who was sacked by Bolton in October, revealed he has already rejected two offers to take over English clubs but is ' open ' to the idea of managing his country.
    Nate Burleson broke his leg, Jay Cutler was forced to the locker room to have his ribs checked after being sacked by Ndamukong Suh, and Matthew Stafford, well as you can see above.
    Italian Di Matteo was sacked by Roman Abramovich after a 3-0 loss to Juventus on Tuesday, a result which left European Cup winners Chelsea on the brink of Champions League elimination.

    In 21% of cases sack from is used
    Everyone has been sacked from his/her job.
    They are supposed to be sacked from test team.
    In 1908 he was sacked from his 4-a-week job as organiser for the NUDL.
    Zamil was sacked from the party three weeks before he laid his claim on its chief.
    He was finally sacked from the Police Force by the no less than the Commissioner of Police for assault.
    I do not know how better to explain this point without sounding cheong hei but understand one thing: once Parliament is dissolved you are now sacked from your job.
    But when this adventure was discovered -- I can not remember how -- I was sacked from my work experience post for irresponsibly removing the old lady from her flat.

    In 18% of cases sack for is used
    On their first play, Ritchey is sacked for a huge loss to the 10.
    The Home Office confirmed today that the officer has been sacked for gross misconduct.
    EdW #7 07:46 am Feb 03 2012 Fred #4 Sadly NZ law does NOT allow sacking for incompetence as such.
    Its now 11 days that the Government has been unleashing its media attack Dogs in an attempted to get the lone Radio presenter sacked for supporting the Liberals.

    In 5% of cases sack after is used
    SAF very successful in Scotland with Aberdeen (and then most wanted him sacked after the first few seasons with us).
    The main suspect, whom police have not named, is a man who was sacked after working for the cathedral as a freelance handyman and electrician for more than 25 years.

    In 5% of cases sack in is used
    It's the latest event of sacking in the senior ranks of the company.
    The Interior Minister, Lamin Kaba Bajo, is also gone, just three weeks after being appointed, but surprisingly Jammeh has reappointed Ousman Sonko who was sacked in February.

    In 4% of cases sack on is used
    What's wrong in waiting for the official draft of a report to be submitted before sacking a minister? If ministers are sacked on leaked drafts - we'd better get used to the stagnant economy.

    In 4% of cases sack with is used
    Anyone involved in banking fraud, whoever they work for, should be sacked with no bonuses, compensations, golden parachutes etc.

    In 3% of cases sack at is used
    Ritchey is sacked at the Linfield 41 with: 46.
    Who ever did the contract with Adlene should be sacked at Molineux immediately because they obviously have no idea about twists and turns in football.

    In 3% of cases sack because is used
    The marketing executive of the company, Joel Ewanick was told by the GM that he was being sacked because of the fact that he did not properly inspect a lately struck European soccer-sponsorship deal.

    In 3% of cases sack before is used
    Brown sourced the Krakouer brothers from Mt Barker, WA, but was sacked before getting the chance to coach them.
    If RDM doesn't doesn't start playing younger players instead of old or slow players as soon as possible, I can see him being sacked before his contract runs out.

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