Prepositions after "rummage"

rummage through, in, for, among or around?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases rummage through is used
    In the latter Django has to rummage through many, many paths and files to find the fixture.
    With an expression halfway between sadness and resignation, he watched his wife rummage through the fridge.
    Held at gunpoint with thieves rummaging through their house, Richie experienced a world where people are harsh.
    James said the cops then emptied all the contents of her hand luggage on the floor and began rummaging through them.
    It will satisfy no one other than 7-year-old children of harried parents rummaging through discount DVD bins looking for.
    This morning, rummaging through some back issues of Uncut, I came across something I'd written about going to see them at.
    This technique involves rummaging through the garbage of retailers, residences, offices, and other facilities for useful goods.
    I love a good rummage through Topshop, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and H &M; too, and for occasions I love my yellow Jovani evening gown.
    I've rummaged through the old cards (still keeping them in the traditional business card holders) but have now entered most contacts in their appropriate.
    During the discussion he would sometimes begin rummaging through the mess on his bed or go the shelves, pull out a book and show a passage from it to the visitor or give it to them to take and read.

    In 13% of cases rummage in is used
    However, shortly after arrival, rummaging in the box piqued my interest and my desire to give this a decent go grew rapidly.
    A seventeen year old student living in the rolling hills of rural England, with a penchant for beautiful vintage clothes and rummaging in charity shops.
    Why would the dog need to rummage in a magic city Maybe you'll see a face, don't like strangers or an eye, or strangers eyes or the picture, I like pictures of a picture.
    There is nothing quite like having a good old rummage in the freezer and finding a small tub of sauce or soup that you stashed away in the prime of summer, for a rainy day.

    In 5% of cases rummage for is used
    rummage for what you'll need in the pantry and cheap store for the gun If you can't get one, try a soda bottle, you can cut one down and use the top curvature as the butt end.

    In 3% of cases rummage among is used
    A Childhood of Their Own by Karen Grooms William Corsaro rummages among the books and papers on his desk until he finds a slick, colorful brochure advertising cruises to Tahiti.

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