Prepositions after "ridicule"

"ridicule by" or "ridicule for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases ridicule by is used
    We are been ridiculed by our leaders.
    Benitez is ridiculed by some, but he is ultimately a winner.
    They don't admit that they go because they're afraid of being ridiculed by their friends.
    Jewish school children were openly ridiculed by teachers and the bullying of Jews in the playground by other pupils went unpunished.
    In the beginning it was ridiculed by a sarcastic press and artists hated it, because they thought the architecture overwhelmed their work.
    Its owner wore no toga, for, at this period, the old patrician garment was ridiculed by the leaders of fashion, but his tunic glowed with the richest colour of Tyrian dye.
    If one consents to a bit of mutual fun with two guys, does that mean that one has consented to being poked prodded and ridiculed by a group of their mates? (I hope that's a rhetorical question.

    In 21% of cases ridicule for is used
    I'd simply ridiculed for pointing out that which is already going on and has been done just as you.
    After years of being ridiculed for being different, and feeling like the schools don't value their gifts, they lose morale.

    In 13% of cases ridicule in is used
    For those that ridicule in the media, it is prattle, not action.

    In 10% of cases ridicule as is used
    Gary3 And he was roundly ridiculed as a loon.
    Paper is not a thing to be ridiculed as a medium of writing.

    In 3% of cases ridicule against is used
    It was only much later, with the advent of Hollywood's counter-cultural film-making in the mid-1970s, that the sheriff's motives were held up to ridicule against those of the avenging lone stranger.

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