Prepositions after "rhyme"

rhyme with, in, like, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 72% of cases rhyme with is used
    The contracted form, wo n't, is pronounced to rhyme with don't.
    She's all class and you 're, well we know what rhymes with class.
    Her name rhymed with medicine and I thought that was very funny (Laughs).
    The women played the rabana, the traditional goatskin drum, to rhyme with a good selection of raban sural (tunes).
    This means when the reader comes across an uncertain set of words, they can look at a nearby line to guess what the word rhymes with.
    Anyway, if I was a certain balding Italian and my name rhymed with Step Ladder then here are a couple of solutions that I would seriously be considering.
    There was an old man of Madrid The second line rhymes with the first and may introduce a second character or indicate the action which is to bring on the crisis.

    In 14% of cases rhyme in is used
    What rhymes in Lao loses a lot if you try to reproduce that rhyme in English, or Spanish, or German, or French or Korean.
    What rhymes in Lao loses a lot if you try to reproduce that rhyme in English, or Spanish, or German, or French or Korean.
    Did you know Tang poems sound better and rhyme in Cantonese but doesn't sound so good in Mandarin? I've got one for you to memorize when you go to the next demonstration we should protest cantonese.

    In 7% of cases rhyme like is used
    His tongue-twisters are not only in line with current topics, but they're spoken in such fluent and pure Cantonese, even locals find it hard to rhyme like that.

    In 3% of cases rhyme for is used
    They might be simple nursery rhymes for a start, it doe'snt matter, you'll be learinig about your instrument and getting breath control sorted and 1001 other useful things.

    In 3% of cases rhyme to is used
    Sing or say nursery rhymes to your baby as much as possible.

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